Uber Boats Nigeria

Uber launches boat taxis piloting in Lagos

Uber has started piloting boat taxis in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital Friday 11, October. The UberBoat which will operate only on weekdays between 8am- 5pm will charge

Mara Z gold

Mara Z smartphone price and specifications

The Mara Z smartphone is the second in the line of Mara phones and an upgrade of the Mara X. It is a little wider and


Radisson Blu Nairobi residence

Radisson Blu new hotel near the Nairobi Arboretum is stunning and offers more

Radisson Blu has opened its third property in Nairobi, which is also its first residence or extended stay facility in Kenya. The Radisson Blu Hotel and Residence

Swvl in Kenya

Swvl app that is causing ripples in the Nairobi transport sector

Over the past couple of weeks, almost everyone has been asking us about the Swvl app. That would be good news for the company because