The Kenya Higher Education Loans Board offers loans to higher education students in private and public universities. If you pursue a first degree or second degree, that is a Bachelors or Master, then you can apply to the board for consideration.

How much can you get as HELB loan?

The board usually retains the right to the amount it can offer to you. However, the annual minimum amount for undergraduate students is KES 35,000. The maximum amount is KES 60,000. You have to reapply for this loan every year you need it until graduation.

Here is how to apply for the HELB loan online:

HELB Application is started online, but you are required to download the application form afterwards. So do it where there is a printer. There are also some signatures required on the form.

You are required to open some accounts (Bank, email, KRA PIN), and also prepare copies of the following before starting the HELB application process:

  • Your National ID
  • Copies of IDs of three guarantors, and their details. These should be already employed or financially stable.
  • Copies of parent(s) ID
  • KCSE and KCPE results slips or certificates
  • Your KRA PIN
  • Bank account number
  • Email address (create a formal address, not a fancy one)

Application process:

  1. Register on the HELB Student Portal using your ID Number and first name.
  2. Click Validate.
  3. You will be taken to a page where you will enter your Email address and Password. Remember you will subsequently use your Email to access the student portal account from then onwards.
  4. Click Register
  5. Fill in the form that appears accurately, and also cleverly. You will need all the information in the documents listed above.
  6. Confirm whether you have completely and correctly filled the form. Incomplete forms may see your application being rejected.
  7. At the top of the Home Page, click on the icon Print Form. It is advisable to print two or three copies.
  8. Take the forms to the required signatories to sign and stamp
  9. Attach the required documents. Use paperclips to attach, not a stapler.
  10. Submit the filled in forms to the nearest Huduma Centre HELB help desk as soon as possible. Make sure the assistant ascertains that the papers are well filled.
  11. Your application will be forwarded to HELB Headquarters at Anniversary Towers where they will be processed. You will be notified if successful. You can always check with the HELB twitter page to see if your application went through and when to expect funds.

5 ways to view or know HELB loan status

HELB is present at only 28 select Huduma Centres in Kenya. There are five ways you can know your HELB loan status. We rank them from the most efficient:

  1. Use the HELB USSD code *642#
  2. Use the HELB student portal
  3. Ask the HELB twitter page assistant
  4. Visit a HELB desk at the Huduma Centre near you
  5. Call or send an email to the HELB Customer Care.