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10 attractions to see in Kenya

Attractions in Kenya are many. To avoid missing out on them, you should select the ones you want to experience with each trip. Such attractions include a wide array of wildlife, beautiful natural sceneries and unforgettable experiences which makes it one of the best tourist destinations in Africa. Once you visit the country you’ll not want to leave. Here are some leads to spectacular top tourist attractions in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa and other places:

Fourteen Falls

14 falls fourteen falls thika

Who said the 14th of February was only meant to be spent in reserved hotels over a candle lit dinner? Fourteen Falls in Thika is a breathtaking scenic view of fourteen water falls dropping at a height of 25 metres. You experience these thundering falls under a cool breeze along Kenya’s second largest river, The Athi. You can indulge in boat riding, fishing and diving. There are divers who perform from cliffs in to the waters.

Bird watching and photography will make your experience worthwhile, complemented by the local flora and picturesque Kilimambogo Hills in the distance. It is about an hour’s drive from Nairobi and can be accessed from Thika/ Garissa Highway.

Paradise Lost

The name itself is set to unlock the explorer in you as you embark on an adventure into the 2.5 million years caves that give it its identity. It is just about 14 kilometres from Nairobi. The place was discovered by a group of coffee farmers in the late 1990s.

You are welcomed at the entrance of paradise by a magnificent waterfall. You access it through a nature trail as you watch birds. It is a perfect picnic site where you will ride horses and camels, boat ride, indulge in rented bike riding, set up camping at affordable prices, and bouncing castles for children.

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Karura Forest

Not everyone is on a heist to find an exhilarating thrill. If you are just out to find some peaceful and quiet picnic sites in nature, then Karura Forest is one of the best choices.

Karura Forest is one of the wild places that make Nairobi one of the best places to live. Experience nature trails in the forest, whether strolling, jogging or biking.

The Maasai Mara Game Reserve

World famous Maasai Mara Game Reserve is the home of the phenomenal wildebeest migration that is listed as one of the greatest wonders of the world. The mass migration stars large herds of wildebeests and a bunch of other grazers including gazelles and zebras.

The movement starts from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania into the Maasai Mara of Kenya around July to November. You can experience the spectacle from viewpoints, trucks or from the hot air balloons. Unique species have been discovered at the Mara. The spotted zebra Tira for example and the albino zebra foul.

Hell’s Gate National Park

hells gate kenya image

Take a trip to Hell’s Gate and back, only this is kind of paradisiacal. Now who wouldn’t want to get to see the place that inspired Disney’s, Lion King The Movie? Trails into caves and boulders take you literally away from this earth.

Indulge in extreme sports like rock climbing and mountain biking. Within its boundaries is the Ol’karia Geothermal spa and after a day of exploring you will want to soak in to let off some steam while watching large herds of buffalo, warthog and the Maasai Giraffe.


things to do in Nairobi holiday

The Nairobi National Museum is a serene quiet a walking distance from the CBD. Visit different galleries here to learn about the ethnic diversity of Kenya, it’s variety of bird species, tango with snakes at the Nairobi Snake Park, and stroll through the Botanic Garden. You may be lucky to catch a cultural event going down in the open space.

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Buy a cultural gift from the gift shop and gift shop and relax at the café as you savour an African cuisine.

Fort Jesus

fort jesus museum mombasa

If you arrive in Mombasa by cruise, you will be welcomed by a rusty yet grand fort overlooking the Indian Ocean. Fort Jesus was built by the Portuguese at the end of the 16th century in their failed bid to rule the East African coast.

The museum takes you back in time, through the canons, the watchtower from which the view of the Indian Ocean is spectacular, the cells for captives and the bullet holes that mar the fort’s walls and show its resilience against enemy firepower.

Gede Ruins

ruins of the ancient city of gedi picture

Hidden within many forests are wild animals but Arabuko Sokoke in Kilifi district is an exception as it hosts Gede Ruins. The story of Gede is mired in myth. The old city was established in the 13th century and is believed to have been inhabited by sailors, traders and sailors some coming all the way from Oman.

It is a result of spice trade between the Middle East and Africa. The monument, today, is also managed by The National Museums of Kenya and one can get guided tours to get a feel of the Swahili history.

Mombasa Beaches

diani beach in kenya mombasa

Done with your historical sites tours of the coast? Relax and unwind on the sandy beaches all the way from Lamu, Kilifi and Mombasa.

The Indian Ocean coast is known for its coral reefs, kitesurfing, sky diving, jet skiing and snorkeling. The black and white Colobus monkey and the Shimba Hills National Reserve lay in the vicinity.

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Cultural sites and festivals

Kenya has diverse cultures enshrined in its more than 43 ethnic groups. Cultural festivals are now a norm especially towards the end of the year.

They feature performances in the form of storytelling, cultural songs and dances, age old games such as wrestling. These festivals celebrate cultures of specific communities.

Some of these festivals include:

Lamu Cultural Festival

The week-long festival is held in the November on Lamu Island in the Indian Ocean. The activities of this festival are designed to encourage local skills and practices that are central to Lamu life. They include Swahili poetry, henna painting, dhow racing, Bao competition and the main feature the donkey races.

Bao is a traditional mandala board game played in most of East Africa and is probably the oldest game known in history.

Turkana National Festival

The festival is held at Loiyangalani, on the south eastern coast of Lake Turkana. You experience a lake side festival in the middle of a desert. It mainly celebrates the culture of the Turkana people for three days and features other cultures such as the El Molo, Samburu, Gabbra, Rendile, Watta and Dassanach. 

Rusinga Cultural Festival

This is an annual two-day celebration of the Abasuba community people of Kenya. It is held on the last Thursday and Friday before Christmas on Rusinga Island. There are hundreds more best tourist attractions in Kenya that you may discover as you enjoy your journey here.