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10 top tourist destinations in Africa

Data from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) shows that the top tourist destinations in Africa are making notable strides. Tourists arriving in Africa every year has reached 85 million as of 2021. This is good news for the continent; however, the number is still very far off the 90 million people who visit France alone annually.

With a positive 2.4 percent increase, we break down for you in case you are wondering where to start your visit Africa journey:

1. Egypt (over 13 million tourists)

Egypt is an amazing country with a great history and lots of unique attractions. It is a country you should visit before you die (hic!). 13 million tourists entered the country in 2021. Some of the wonderful places to visit in Egypt are the cities of Cairo and Alexandria.

Cairo lies along the majestic Nile River. Sailing down takes you to the spectacular Nile Delta where the river splits into five before pouring in the Mediterranean Sea.

Alexandria is a historical city on the Mediterranean coast with a lot of experiences to offer. Other attractions in Egypt include:

  • the pyramids of Giza (Great Pyramid of Giza, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure), the Great Sphinx of Giza, which get you to marvel at ancient building technology and civilization.
  • the Suez Canal
  • the Aswan High Dam and Lake Nasser
  • the Valley of Kings
  • and the seven oases of the western Egypt desert that include the super Dakhla Oasis measuring 80 km.
top tourist destination Egypt
The Balat City in DAKHLA OASIS:  Fancy a historical adventure in this ancient city with hot springs and an escarpment view in the horizon? PIC/Memphis Tours

2. Morocco (over 12.9 million)

This is the set that all the movie and TV shows creators love. And it is hard not to fall in love with Morocco. Think of shows like Game of Thrones, Prison Break, Homeland, Cleopatra, Jack Ryna, Cleopatra, Vagabond, or movies such as The Bourne Ultimatum, A Hologram for the King, 13 Hours, Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation, American Sniper, Sex and the City 2, Alexander, Captain Phillips, Gladiator, name them. More than 70 foreign movies have been fully or partially shot in here since 1951.

Morocco is the place where the Mediterranean Sea kisses the Atlantic Ocean; Africa hugs Europe; Berber, Arabian and European cultures integrate, where sand storms in the Sahara desert meet their match with the snows of the Atlas and Marrakesh historical regions.

So you thought you can’t ski in Morocco? Wrong. That’s why it is a top tourist destination in Africa. Other tourist attractions in Morocco include:

  • the Erg Chebbi’s Dunes for camel rides
  • Essaouira seafront
  • Volubilis Roman-era ruins
  • the Dades Valley treks
  • and the many historical architectural marvels such as castles and mosques. You want to experience what you saw in the movies, get here asap!
top tourist destinations in morocco
Morocco in contrast. Immerse yourself in the movies.

3. South Africa (over 10.2 million tourists)

There is no country in Africa that is as diverse as South Africa, ala the rainbow nation, aka Mzansi. With the second longest coastline on continental Africa, you get to experience penguins, dolphins and the occasional whales.

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Other aspects that make it a top tourist destination in Africa are breath-taking nature reserve islands, museums, wineries, national parks with hundreds of bird and animals species, and magnificent man made marvels such as the Bloukrans Bridge, as well as cities with unique offerings and experiences.

Like Morocco, South Africa is also a darling for Hollywood move creators.  The Gods Must be Crazy ‘end of the earth’ scene was shot at the God’s Window apex in Mpumalanga. It gives a breath-taking bird’s view of escarpments, forests and the Kruger National Park below.

Other movies and TV shows shot in South Africa include Mad Max: Fury Road, 24: Redemption, Avengers, Darfur, Deep Blue Sea 2, Grimsby, Hotel Rwanda, Invictus, Katrina, Queen of Katwe, Seal Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines, The Scorpion King 2, and dozens of others. This is South Africa: it snows too.

top tourist destionations in south africa
Architectural imagination for construction of a Spectacular viewpoint from God’s Window.

4. Tunisia (over 9.5 million tourists)

The birthplace of the Arab Spring is also the setting of Carthage, the ancient city that gave Rome a run for its money. Carthage is now overly destructed, a gloomy version of its glorious past.

The Roman influence can be found in other ancient ruins as well in Tunisia, amid the majestic Maghreb architecture doting the Africa’s northernmost country, museums with great history archives, and the dunes in the Sahara Desert.

It is perhaps the beautiful seaside that attracts tourists the most given its proximity to Europe. The over 9.5 million visitors every year double up the country’s population which stands just shy of 12 million people.

top tourist destinations in tunisia
Sousse and Carthage: A melange of history.

5. Algeria (about 3 million tourists)

Algeria is not just a top tourist destination — it is Africa’s largest country measuring 2.382 million square km. That’s about 4.3 times the size of France, which is Europe’s biggest country.

Like Morocco, there are contrasting storms of sand and snow in this sparsely populated country of 43 million people.  Similar to neighbours, the tourist attractions in Algeria lean more towards ancient historical architecture, the Sahara Desert, and the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

There are remnants of the Ottoman empire, Roman empire, and the majestic Neo-Byzantine basilica Notre Dame d’Afrique that is more recent during the French colonization are quite a spectacle. Visit Constantine and experience the fantasy of crossing bridges across canyons.

tourist destinations algeria
This is Constantine.

6. Zimbabwe (more than 2.6 million tourists)

Surprising, right? Zimbabwe tops the continent for the most visited landlocked country in Africa. Quite a feat given the bad press this otherwise beautiful country with so much to offer gets.

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African history cannot be written without the mention of the ancient Kingdom of Zimbabwe. The country has dramatic landscapes and diverse wildlife, magnificent parks fit for safari game trips, and is home to the Zambezi River – one of the biggest rivers in Africa – along which the picturesque Victoria Falls occurs.

Experiencing Harare itself, arguably one of the cleanest cities in sub-Saharan Africa, is an unforgettable experience. If you want to watch massive schools of hippos, herds of rhinos and elephants, and other wild animals, or want a camping experience to die for, then Zimbabwe is your place.

top tourist destinations in zimbabwe
The famed Victoria Falls.

7. Mozambique (over 2.5 million tourists)

If Zimbabwe surprised you, then Mozambique will leave you speechless. Yes, Mozambique is a top 10 tourist destination in Africa attracting more than 2 million visitors every year. The Portuguese speaking country has a 2,500 km long coastline dotted with beautiful sandy beaches, coral reefs and marine parks.

The Quirimbas Archipelago is an out of this world 250km stretch of coral islands while the Bazaruto Archipelago in the south contains reefs which protect rare marine life such as the dugongs. If you fancy to explore the inlands, there are variety of safari parks such as the Limpopo National Park where you can watch big game, the Niassa Reserve where you can pitch camp in the wild, and the Gorongosa National Park which gives you the real feel of savannah.

You can hike, do scuba-diving, enjoy some fishing and explore the villages and the historical Maputo city.

top tourist destinations mozambique
Partial view of Lake Cahora Bassa .

8. Ivory Coast (more than 2 million tourists)

Ivory Coast is surprisingly the top tourist destination in West Africa. The number one cocoa producer in the world also boasts of sandy beaches and exotic resorts along the Atlantic Ocean.

Cultural and architectural attractions dot the cities, such as the Basilique Notre-Dame de la Paix in Yamoussoukro which is the largest cathedral in the world. Make time to for boat tours, visits to cocoa and rubber plantations, and have traditional lunch in the Ivorian villages.

Get yourself some west African fabric clothes in the markets after sampling the Musee National des Cotumes in Grand Bassam. Then have a date with some chimps, duikers, civets, elephants, bushpigs, leopards and hundreds of birds as you admire the diverse flora and fauna.

Complete your forays hiking along the trails of the Banco National Park rainforest.

top tourist destinations ivory coast
The Floating Island near Adbijan. (L’Ile Flotante)

9. Kenya (about 2 million tourists)

The numbers are probably disappointing and do not reflect the tourism capability of this East African nation. There is probably no country in the world with such a diverse array of wildlife as Kenya.

The world’s top safari destination boasts of bespoke national parks such as the Maasai Mara that is famed for the Wildebeests migration, the Amboseli with its trademark jumbo families, the vast Tsavo that offers fantastic views of the Kilimanjaro apart from the wildlife, the treks and snakes in the Kakamega rainforest.

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There is marine life attractions at Haller Park in Mombasa, and the boat rides on the islands of Lake Victoria such as Rusinga and Mfangano.

Wildlife conservancies are a major part of underexplored tourism here where you get close to the wild animals. The marvel of the Nairobi National Park still astounds, the only game preservation area in the world next to a city.

The flamingo spectacles in Lakes Bogoria and Elementaita will leave you mesmerized. If you are a beach enthusiast, the old towns of Lamu, Malindi and Mombasa provide experiences of a lifetime.

then there is the Kenyan cultural scene with cultural festivals all year round.

In the north are spectacular sceneries of sand dunes in the Chalbi desert as well as one of Africa’s largest fresh water lake, the Lake Turkana. You can never explore all the attractions in this beautiful country in a single visit. If you can, plan for an ascend of Africa’s second highest mountain, Mt Kenya.

top safaris in africa
Lions view the city from the Nairobi National Park. Image courtesy/Olga Levari Ercolano

10. Botswana (almost 2 million tourists)

Botswana is a vast sparsely populated landlocked country in the south west of Africa, bordering Namibia. Its famed exemplary leadership and governance has perhaps played a big part in promoting the spectacular tourist attractions.

The country consists of large swathes of the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta which experience seasonal floods. Wild dogs are common, as well as cheetahs and giraffes, hyenas and zebras, lions and elephants, among others.

If you are an enthusiast of safaris in unoccupied grasslands, Botswana is your best choice. You can join the elephants in sampling the Marula fruits when in season and wobble your way to the Khama Rhino Sanctuary for closer views of the endangered rhino; or go to the rivers for an eye feast of hippos.

top tourist destinations botswana
Okavango River

African countries have so much to offer tourists, and many have successfully promoted local tourism. Many of the countries not in this article have fantastic tourist destinations such as Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Somalia, Ghana, Gabon, Seychelles, among others.

*The numbers in this article are sourced from the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and will be updated accordingly. Last updated 11 April 2022.