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7 Best running shoes that Kenyans use to win marathons

best running shoes kenyans use

Kenyans are renowned the world over for conquering long distance races. The most recent achievement was by legend marathoner Eliud Kipchoge who won the London marathon 2019, his fourth consecutive conquest. He also set a new course record of 2:02:37, which is the second fastest marathon time ever. He has won 10 of the 11 marathons he has run since 2013.

Now, you could be asking who holds the record for the fastest time ever. The answer is right there – Eliud Kipchoge, the greatest marathoner of all time, also holds the fastest time and the world record of 2:01:39. He smashed a record set by another Kenyan Dennis Kimetto, who had smashed a record set by yet another Kenyan Wilson Kipsang, who had also broken a record set by his countryman Patrick Makau. You can read about their astonishing records here.

It is not only in the marathons that Kenyans are dominant. The world can barely remember when Kenya ever lost in the men’s 3,000 metres steeplechase in an Olympic or World championship. The men’s 800 metres world record is held by David Rudisha.

In this article we look at the best running shoes for marathons used by Kenyan men to conquer the world.

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%

Eliud Kipchoge is sponsored by Nike, the #JustDoIt label. He conquered the world with the Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% at the Virgin Money London Marathon 2019. The shoe was unveiled in late April just a few days to the marathon.

Nike claims the shoe ‘can make runners 4 percent more efficient on their feet, translating to precious minutes over the course of a race like the marathon’ and saves runners more energy. The best  marathon shoes can therefore make a runner do fewer minutes than ordinary shoes. Research by Wired and the New York Times found that runners who wore Vaporfly ran 3 to 4 times faster than those who did not.

adizero Sub2 by Adidas

The adizero Sub2 is produced by Adidas. It is the shoe worn by one time record holder Wilson Kipsang in Berlin 2017. “It is important for the shoe to be light, fast and comfortable – and it is,” Kipsang said before the race.

Unfortunately, the shoes are limited edition and only available by elite athletes. They are the same shoes David Rudisha wore when he set the new 800 metres world record in London in 2012. That record is yet to be broken.

Marathoners Patrick Makau, Dennis Kimetto, Geoffrey Mutai and Emmanuel Mutai are all users of the adidas product in their exploits.

Image credit: AthleticsWeekly

Adizero Adios Boost

The Adidas Adios Boost is another shoe that has helped Kenyan men conquer the world. Geoffrey Mutai won the New York Marathon 2013 wearing these shoes.

Nike Zoom Streak 4

The Nike Zoom Streak 4 is worn by various athletes finishing in the top 10 in the marathons. With Nike’s experience in developing long distance running shoes, this shoe should do you well in catapulting you to a podium finish, Even if you are not an elite athlete, it will help you run and finish your dream marathon run comfortably.

New Balance 1600

New Balance has been working hard to come up with shoes that can inspire victory in elite athletes. The company is a major sports gear manufacturer even though it is yet to attract bigger names the way Nike and Adidas do. The New Balance 1600 have crossed the finish line in the top 20 in many marathons around the world.

Puma Faas 400

Puma is well known in the ball games but it has also been represented well on the track and road races. It is yet to catch up with the big boys in the marathon but the Puma Faas 400 has been worn by elite athletes at various meetings worldwide. Try them out and you could just be on your way to a personal glorious finish.

Enda shoes

It would be surprising if the land of marathoners relied on imports to conquer the world. Enda shoes are growing in popularity among elite athletes training in the Kenyan highlands despite being launched just a few years ago. The Kenyan company understands what Kenyan athletes need to conquer the world, and it will just be a matter of time before their label is broadcast to the ends of the world. Enda shoes are quite affordable for the amateur runner.

Note that most of these shoes come in different versions, the latest ones being improvements on the previous versions. There are hundreds of other brands out there used by various athletes. Just make sure you make the right choice if you cannot afford these ones.

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