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Moshek Africa is a technology and travel blog specializing in digital content marketing, profiling and information archiving. Our interests overlap into how technology and travel affects business, culture, travel, health, careers, education, entertainment and services.

We offer well researched informative content mainly covering Kenya. We also cover content of interest to West, and South Africa. Some of our content is sponsored.

We  help businesses and organisations create engaging web content that focuses on the consumer. We collaborate in different ways to help businesses grow through sponsored content.

Please contact us using any of the methods listed:

Writing and marketing services: How can your business benefit from our blog?

Our main objective is to bring value to brands and clients through affordable web content writing and marketing. With our tried and tested model of integrating informative rich content with newsworthy short content, both our readers and clients get value, hence retention.

1. We offer brands both long form SEO and short form SEO content services

The value of organic SEO can never be underestimated. Keep your brand in the open through valuable long form and short form content through our fast growing website.

2. Brand visibility value for a long time

Have you heard about evergreen content? Yes, educative content that never expires because its value to the reader is not limited by time. The advantage of this kind of content is that it is specific to what the reader is looking for: if the reader wants to solve a problem, this content is highly likely to convert them to customer of whatever brand helps solve that problem.

3. We save you time and money

Focus on creating solutions while we focus on making these solutions visible to your target audience. We write human friendly and customer-centric content. Remember, the customer only cares about themselves. How do we rope you in? Through our brilliant storytelling!

We also write specific content for your website blog to keep it evergreen for effective SERP results. A website with a dead blog is like having no website at all.


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