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Bolt taxi app reviews

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Honest Bolt taxi app reviews in Kenya. One of the most successful taxi hailing ride services started under the brand name Taxify in 2014. The cofounder is Estonian Markus Villig.

Years of investment and expansion has made Bolt one of most used taxi apps in the world. In Kenya, the app operates in the major towns. It is one of the two most used ride hailing apps alongside Uber.

Bolt gives commuters various options in the choice of vehicles and motorcycle at different prices. The aim is to offer the lowest prices to attract more. This has seen most of the cars used by drivers reduce by engine size and room to 600cc.

Before rebranding, Bolt was a regular mention of bad behaviour by drivers and it has struggled to shake off this disrepute. Bolt taxi app reviews on social media are a mix of complaints by passengers of its inability to shield customers from bad treatment.

At one point, the company introduced Bolt Plus option which ‘boasts higher-class vehicles, more leg room and highest rated drivers.’ This meant better service came at a higher cost.

The Bolt app drivers have also again and again staged protests over low commissions by the company.

Have you used the Bolt taxi app before? Help other commuters make best choices and the company to make better decisions.


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