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Moshek Publishing Services (Moshek Books) is an indie publisher in Kenya drawing expertise from experienced and reputable publishing consultants. We deal in hardcover books, ebooks, educational materials, fiction and nonfiction books, magazines, brochures, academic papers, children’s books, special editions, memoirs among others. Talk to us today for all your publishing needs.

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Manuscript evaluation

At Moshek Publishing Services, it is quality first. We offer preliminary evaluation to assess the quality of your manuscript, the market and competition dynamics.

We read your manuscript and advise you on whether it is worth the effort, what works for it, what works against it, and whether it can be accepted by a traditional publisher or can compete in the market as a self published title.

We give you a report about various aspects of the manuscripts that need improvement, especially the content, structural and thematic aspects. And we would not lie to you if your manuscript is not worth the effort.

Editorial processes

Before a book is published, it undergoes several editorial processes which can be summed up as below:

  • Structural editing
  • Copy editing
  • Design
  • Proofreading
  • Quality checking

Structural editing – or substantive editing involves the general structuring of the content of your manuscript in terms of themes and flow, identification of gaps, aspects of tone, sentence structure, style, word choice, fact check and general semantics among other subtle issues. We can assure you that if you get it wrong at this stage, your book will be a flop. Actually, your life will be miserable.

Copy editing – we review and correct your manuscript to improve accuracy, readability, and fitness for its purpose, and to ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition. You’d rather die than skip this stage!

Proofreading – have you ever read through a book and thought, I really respected this guy/ lady, how could s/he make such a glaring spelling mistake! Yes, it happens. In almost all books, if you are keen enough, you will not fail to notice at least a typo. Imagine if such a book which has received detailed attention still has a spot, wouldn’t it be horrendous without proofreading? Don’t tarnish your name, proofread your work with us.

Quality checking – this is a bonus service. If you charge us with the task of wholesale publishing, we must ensure the printers produce a quality copy according to specifications. No poorly cut books, no disarranged or confused text, distorted design, nor missing pages. No poorly done colour-prints nor use of a different paper type other than the one that was requested.

Design and illustrations

Yes, it’s true many people judge a book by its cover. And not only that – when one sees a book they desire, they flip through it. The design of the inside pages, the back cover, and the illustrations will either make them fall in or out of love on first sight.

We help you achieve the best cover in relation to the theme of your book and the target audience. We advise on appropriate illustrations and deliver the same, especially if your book targets children. We advise on appropriate style and colours. Because that is our job! And we are good at it!

Ghost writing

Do you have an idea and would like help in putting it into words and ultimately a book? Writing is not the easiest of tasks but we help you achieve your dreams by actualizing your concepts. We write but it’s your name on the work. We have done it before, and we are still doing it. Areas include:

  • Biographies and autobiographies
  • Motivational books
  • Guidebooks
  • Academic books
  • Newsletters
  • Ebooks

Writer trainings and workshops

Our writer trainings are divided into the following categories:

  • Budding or unpublished authors
  • Students (primary, secondary, university/college)
  • Published authors

Budding/ Unpublished authors

  • Do you believe you have what it takes to be a writer?
  • Do you want to be published by a mainstream traditional publisher?
  • You have not published a book before, or found it hard to publish another book?
  • Do you already have a story or a database of stories but have no idea how to go about publishing them?
  • Are you writing for either adults or children?
  • Do you want to write or are already writing a memoir or motivational book?

If your answer to any of the above questions is Yes, then we have your back. We train you on the intricacies of publishing what you have, how to break into the ranks of mainstream publishers, the possibilities and impossibilities, how to create a manuscript that attracts publishers and sells, and how to market your book in case you are self-publishing.

Publishing is an exciting cruise but only when you know which keys to press for the ship to sail.

Students (primary, secondary, college/ university)

We have special training for students who would like to venture into publishing. Our editors have worked with budding writers as young as 13 years of age to publish exciting stories.

We collaborate with schools, book clubs, and journalism clubs or related organisations to make publishing a reality for students.

We also work with established authors to share their experiences in publishing, give motivational speeches, and interact with you.

Published authors

Are you a published author but would like to make forays into new genres? Then this category is for you. Different markets have different dynamics which you must understand to succeed in your career. Is there a book you would like to self-publish? Would you like to understand e-publishing? We are here for you.

For further information, kindly reach us on moshekafrica @ gmail . com