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Telkom Kenya reviews

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Honest Telkom Kenya reviews by consumers who have used the services and products of the company. Telkom is the third mobile phone service provider in Kenya, even though it was the first telecommunications company. It is partly owned by the government and commands about 5 percent of mobile subscribers.

Like Airtel Kenya, Telkom has struggled in the Kenyan market for quite a while. It has changed ownership and rebranded severally but not as many times as Airtel. The two companies considered merging to counter the dominance of Safaricom but the plan fell through.

Telkom Kenya emerged from the same government parastatal as Safaricom. The company offered fixed line telephone services before evolving into mobile telephony as technology advanced.

The company focuses mostly on internet to drive its growth, competing with Airtel Kenya in offering low-cost internet services. It probably has the most affordable data bundles in the country.

For instance, its 4G Homeplan Unlimited costs KES 3,999 pm compared to Safaricom Home Fibre which costs KES 2999 for the lowest package of 8MBPS. However, the Telkom plan uses a router.

Just like its rivals, the company does not roll over unexhausted data bundles unless one recharges before expiry.

Telkom charges KES 1 per SMS while its rival Safaricom charges KES 1.20.

Telkom TKash reviews

TKash is the mobile money transfer service by Telkom Kenya. Just like its other rival, Airtel Money, TKash has struggled to gain a foothold in the lucrative mobile money market dominated by MPESA. It is therefore difficult to find TKash agent compared to both Airtel Money and MPESA. You have to use a TKash agent locator to find one.

Things may brighten up because of the opening up of the MPESA network to other mobile money transfer services. This means one can send and receive money on TKash from MPESA and vice versa.

TKash rates for sending and receiving money across its network and other networks are the same as those of Airtel Money.

It is also possible to pay with TKash at merchants such as supermarkets without the need for using a till number (Buy Goods and Services).

Telkom Kenya reviews show that customers are unsatisfied because of poor connectivity especially outside urban areas. This means you experience difficulties using both Telkom Kenya voice and internet services.

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Airtel Kenya reviews

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Honest Airtel Kenya reviews by consumers who have used the service. Airtel is the second biggest mobile phone services provider in Kenya after Safaricom. It is a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, an Indian multinational.

Airtel market share stands at about 27 percent (approx. 15 million subscribers) as of 2022.

The company offers voice, SMS, internet and Airtel Money services. It recently introduced the Airtel TV app that streams movies, documentaries, kids programmes, sports, and music videos. The TV app also hosts various television channels such as the Al Jazeera, Bloomberg Television, and Trace, among others.

Aritel Kenya reviews show that the company has struggled in the Kenyan market and has severally pondered exiting the market. At one time, the dominance of Safaricom made Airtel and Telkom Kenya moot a plan to merge – this plan eventually fell apart.

A cheaper alternative?

Airtel voice services generally cost the same as the other services at KES 4.5 per minute, unless one gets tariff offers. Such offers would see one pay only KES 2.75 across all networks.

However, the internet cost is way lower than that of Safaricom. For instance, while Safaricom offers daily 1GB data bundle at KES 99, Airtel offers 2GB for the same amount.

Any unused bundle is rolled over if the customer recharges before expiry. Customers prefer any unused data bundles to be rolled over with or without immediate renewal.

Another advantage is Airtel Money service is free across its network. You can also send and receive money internationally.

Airtel Money received a boost in 2022 when the largest mobile money transfer network MPESA opened its platform to rivals. That means one can receive and send money between Airtel and MPESA.

This solves one of the biggest impediments to the growth of Airtel Money, which gains access to MPESA agents and business and banks Paybill numbers. Surprisingly, if you look at it closely, transferring money from Airtel Money to MPESA or TKash is cheaper than MPESA to MPESA transfers. See comparison below:

MPESA to MPESA vs Airtel Money to MPESA review

MPESA Band (KES)MPESA to MPESA charge (KES)Airtel Money Band (KES)Airtel Money to MPESA (KES)
501 – 100012501 – 100010
1001 – 1500221001 – 250020
1501 – 2500322501 – 500050
3501 – 5000555001 – 1000075
5001 – 750075 87 (7501 – 10000) 97 (10001 – 15000)10001 – 2500090

Negative Airtel Kenya reviews

Customer complaints for Airtel Kenya revolve around poor network for both voice calls and internet connectivity. Even though the services are cheaper, it is difficult to use them with joy. Due to this frustration, customer rarely exhaust their bundles.

Call dropping is also common.

Airtel Money agents are also rare, thus making it difficult for anyone to use the service. However, this may change because of the opening up of MPESA to other networks.

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Safaricom reviews

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Honest Safaricom reviews by consumers. Safaricom is the largest mobile phone company in Kenya. It also ranks as one of the best employers in Africa and is among the top 10 largest companies on the continent according to Forbes.

Safaricom MPESA reviews

The company offers a variety of services including: mobile voice and SMS, Safaricom home fibre internet, local and international money transfer services through MPESA, online shopping through MASOKO.

MPESA is the most used mobile money transfer service in Kenya with a daily transaction volume of over KES 18 billion. This is enabled by the over 302,837 MPESA agents across the country, international payments, and the MPESA to bank channels.

Safaricom reviews by consumers argue that the MPESA rates are way too expensive compared to Airtel Money and T-Kash. For instance, Airtel Money does not charge transfers between mobile numbers on its network. Safaricom charges users to transfer money on-net.

The MPESA withdrawal charges are also higher than those of Aritel Money. See the comparison below for selected bands:

Money transfer band (KES)Airtel Money withdrawal ratesMPESA withdrawal ratesT-Kash withdrawal rates
10 – 49000
50 – 10091010
101 – 500222726
501 – 1,000232826
1,001 – 2,500252826
2,501 – 5,0004050 (up to 3,500) 67 (up to 5,000)48 65
5,001 – 10,0007584 (up to 7,500) 112 (up to 10,000)80 105
10,001 – 25,000                 125162 (up to 15,000) 180 (up to 20,000) 191 (up to 35,000)155 175 185

Safaricom voice tariffs

Safaricom allows subscribers to buy voice plans as prepaid, postpaid or hybrid users. The company charges KES 4.87 per minute for calls made during peak hours and KES 2.50 during off peak. The calling rates apply for both offnet and onnet calls.

However, customers enjoy various bonuses determined by the telecom. For instance, one can get KES 5 worth of airtime for using KES 5 on a particular day. These bonuses are not transferable. Also, callers enjoy deals by dialing *444# or *544# on both calls and internet. So it is possible to buy 30 minutes for only KES 20, to be used within a certain period.

While Safaricom has on of the widest coverage infrastructure in the country, its voice services haven’t been perfect. In 2017, the company paid a fine of KES 270 million for poor service including call dropping. The fine went up to USD 4.5 million in 2018.

A Bill that sought to have telecoms compensate customers KES 30 for a maximum of three calls dropped in a day expired, and it is not yet clear if it will be reintroduced after the August elections. The current fine system is 0.1 percent of gross annual revenue of a telecom.

In 2020, the Communications Authority of Kenya awarded a combined score of 50% to the Airtel, Safaricom and Telkom Kenya for failing to meet the threshold of quality service. The pass mark is 80% on eight indicators including speech quality, completed calls, call success rate and drop rate.

Safaricom internet services

Quick Safaricom reviews for both home fibre and satellite internet show that the firm charges the highest rates in the market. Reviews on internet stability are mixed.

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