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Threat Modeling for Data Protection

Data protection law uganda

When evaluating the security of an application and data model ask the questions: What is the sensitivity of the data?What are the regulatory, compliance, or privacy requirements for the data?What is the attack vector that a data owner is hoping to mitigate?What is the overall security posture of the environment, is it

Anatomy of a Policy: Key Car Insurance Components

How to choose best insurance policy in the United States

Knowing how to read a car insurance policy is a useful skill. It can save you a ton of money in the long run or spare you from financial ruin in the event of an accident. The declarations page and the policy form often induce boredom, not interest. You should fight

Safaricom agents MPESA commission rates 2019

MPESA rates

How much does Safaricom pay MPESA agents who run mobile money transfer shops across Kenya? For long, it has been something like a secret that no one could understand how Safaricom calculates the amount it pays its agents. It was as difficult as trying to know how Google calculated the rates for its publishers.

Car manufacturers and producers in Africa 2019

Kiira EVS

The car manufacturing industry in Africa is still nascent and it is difficult to measure how successful it would be in foreseeable future. Most of the cars and motorcycles driven in the 52 countries that make up the continent are imports largely from Japan. Toyota remains the biggest exporter to the continent. In 2017,

5G network in Africa 2019

5G in Africa

5G network was first launched in Africa by rain South Africa, becoming the first company to do so on the continent. The roll out happened on September 20 2019, making Africa join the world in the super speed internet technology. The technology offers more than five times the speeds of

Everything you need to know about quick loan apps in Kenya

Branch mobile phone loans Kenya

Loan apps in Kenya have taken over the country’s lending sector that banks have been left with no choice but to join or perish. As technology continues to dictate how people do business, always put in mind that the consumer is the centre of focus. The customer is at a disadvantage though because they

How to Sambaza Safaricom Internet 2019

Sambaza internet Safaricom pic

Someone reached out to us to ask how to sambaza internet. His problem was that the son mistakenly bought internet bundles via USSD, so he wanted to transfer the bundles to an internet enabled phone. Well, that’s effed up. We could not help with his problem because you see these corporates use muscling ways