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Your Smart TV may indeed be watching you – be careful

how to know if your smart tv is hacked

TV has come a long way and just like any other machine, has evolved a lot in the era of internet. We have leaped big into the age where you verbally command your TV to do what you want from the comfort of your couch. Too lazy to even reach

Kenyan insurance solutions provider wins at the Singapore Fintech Festival

PULA CTO Kituyi Sitati

Two weeks ago a Kenyan fintech provider PULA was among 20 finalists pitching at the Singapore Fintech Festival. The presentation by the CTO Sitati Kituyi was selected among the winners, enabling the company to walk away with a cash prize of USD 50,000, getting an exclusive opportunity for networking with investors and a fast-tracked

Threat Modeling for Data Protection

Data protection law uganda

When evaluating the security of an application and data model ask the questions: What is the sensitivity of the data?What are the regulatory, compliance, or privacy requirements for the data?What is the attack vector that a data owner is hoping to mitigate?What is the overall security posture of the environment, is it