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Huawei pushes foldable Mate X release to September

huawei mate x pic

Huawei won’t be releasing the foldable Mate X anytime soon after all. The Chinese tech giant has pushed the launch date to September, according to reports by The Wall Street Journal. The reports come in the wake of Huawei’s rival Samsung saying that it would be announcing the launch date for the Galaxy Fold

Facebook new Study App to give cash for data

Facebook Study app

‘Earlier this year, we announced that we would be shifting our focus to reward based market research programmes, which means that all research participants are compensated’

Samsung to announce new date for Galaxy Fold launch in a few weeks

Samsung market share galaxy phone

Samsung indefinitely postponed the release date of the much-hyped Galaxy Fold which was scheduled for April 2019 after early users who included review journalists and influencers found out that the screen displayed poorly

Kasperky discovers new phishing attacks on Gmail and Google Calendar users

new google calendar gmail phishing scam

Gmail and Google Calendar users are at risk of phishing according to security researchers working at Kaspersky. The tech firm warned that scammers had found a loophole in the Gmail – Google Calendar integrated system to target even the most tech savvy people, by tricking you to click a link. This is how the

Why group wants Lamu coal plant development cancelled

lamu coal plant

The group in its analysis estimated that electricity from the plant once completed would actually cost 10 times more than the amount the project developers have put forth.

IBM to set up quantum coding camps in 16 African universities

IBM africa computing camps

Quantum computing is an experimental science that is being explored to replace the current computer processor technology. It is a technology geared towards enabling businesses solve the most difficult problems

Kabogo taking telcos to court over data bundles

data charges kenya

Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo is taking telcos to court over the issue of data bundle expiry. The politician and businessman said that consumers should be freed from economic servitude by data providers. He reckons that data bundles must not have an expiry date, and if they must have then the alternative of renewal

What you will miss in new Huawei phones

huawei mate x pic

However, the plans to conquer the world were nipped in the bud by the escalating US – China trade wars, with Huawei being blacklisted by the American government.

Telkom partners with Nairobi County to offer free WiFi in the city

telkom kenya nairobi county

Telkom Kenya on June 6, 2019 entered a partnership with the Nairobi County Government and Meelin Media Limited to provide free, secure wireless internet in select parts of the city, in an effort to bridge the connectivity gap.