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Uber launches boat taxis piloting in Lagos

Uber Boats Nigeria

Uber has started piloting boat taxis in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital Friday 11, October. The UberBoat which will operate only on weekdays between 8am- 5pm will charge 500 Naira (USD 1.39). The service comes just a few months after the ride hailing company revealed it in talks with regulatory authorities and the Lagos state

Mara Z smartphone price and specifications

Mara Z gold

The Mara Z smartphone is the second in the line of Mara phones and an upgrade of the Mara X. It is a little wider and slimmer than its predecessor but has the same weight at 152 grams. However, most other features remain the same. Comparison between the Mara X and the Mara Z While

Rwanda’s new Mara smartphone that is Made in Africa

Mara x 2 rwanda phone

Rwanda has made a huge leap into the world of smartphone manufacturing, though the phones are labeled 'Made in Africa'. This is definitely good news as African countries’ unlimited potential continues to be exploited. The factory that is located in Kigali’s special economic zone has the capacity to produce at

Self destructing message feature on WhatsApp coming soon

Whatsapp NSO spyware

The WhatsApp self-destructing messages feature is probably the best news to come out of the most popular messaging up in recent times. The guys at Wabetainfo were the first to discover this feature which is still in the testing alpha stage. The Disappearing Messages feature will probably be available in the next

Why Samsung and Sony are closing shop in China

Samsung business in china Africa

The biggest smartphone maker in the world has closed its production plant in the biggest smartphone market in the world. South Korean super brand Samsung has closed its phone manufacturing in China blaming it all on too much competition from local producers. The decision was long coming since the Galaxy brand maker had already stopped

iPhone 11 Pro Max review

Apple iPhone 11 max pro

If you have used the iPhone 11 Pro, then iPhone 11 Pro Max is just a wider version, of course with a fancy name to boast of. However you will have to break your bank to get it, and enjoy the amazing video display which is its main strength as your fingers feel awesome

5G network in Africa 2019

5G in Africa

5G network was first launched in Africa by rain South Africa, becoming the first company to do so on the continent. The roll out happened on September 20 2019, making Africa join the world in the super speed internet technology. The technology offers more than five times the speeds of