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Lewa conservancy Safaricom marathon 2019 happens June 29

lewa safaricom marathon 2019

The Safaricom Marathon 2019 registration is open. Popularly known as the Lewa Conservancy marathon, the races are open for both elite and amateur runners. Marathoners run through the picturesque savannah plains, along river banks and across acacia woodland in what is deemed to be one of the most breathtaking runs

7 Best running shoes that Kenyans use to win marathons

best running shoes kenyans use

It is not only in the marathons that Kenyans are dominant. The world can barely remember when Kenya ever lost in the men’s 3,000 metres steeplechase in an Olympic or World championship. The men’s 800 metres world record is held by David Rudisha.

Mater Heart Run 2019 to happen in 10 towns simultaneously

mater heart run 2019

The annual Mater Heart Run 2019 will happen in 10 cities simultaneously across Kenya on Sunday May 25. The charity run aims to raise funds to facilitate heart treatment and surgeries for tens of financially disadvantaged children in Kenya. According to Mater Hospital, the programme has grown from 20 to

How to make Valentine Day 2019 more about love than gifts

Where to go for valentine day 2019

February, the month of romance is with us again. Whichever legend you choose to believe about the origins of this celebration, they all narrow down to one thing – love. In the years past, it has been a tradition for lovers to buy each other gifts. Gifts are a sure

8 must attend marathons in Kenya 2019

Kenya marathons 2019

All Kenyans run. It is a misconception we have learned to live with because athletics is what puts Kenya on the world sports map, apart from our rugby Shujaa 7s heroes. Show us any long-distance running event and we will tell you the Kenyans who won that event, sometimes a