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Swvl app that is causing ripples in the Nairobi transport sector

Swvl in Kenya

Over the past couple of weeks, almost everyone has been asking us about the Swvl app. That would be good news for the company because what every company needs right now is keeping their name in the mouths of potential customers. The Egyptian service started its pilot project in Kenya

Most common mistakes to avoid when purchasing travel insurance policy

Mistakes when buying travel insurance

Anything can happen while you are traveling. You may need to cancel the flight, may lose your luggage, or can get injured. In case of these unhappy events, the good news is you are covered for the losses if insured.

Jambo Jet offering 50 bob flights on fifth anniversary

Jambo Jet fifth anniversary

As part of its fifth year anniversary celebrations, regional low-cost carrier, Jambojet extended its unprecedented Kshs. 50 ticket offer for an additional day.. Jambojet CEO Allan Kilavuka said the airline will release a total of 100 tickets on 5th April, 2019 to any of its domestic destinations at Kshs.50 each. “This is

5 cities that have car free days

Nairobi bans cars in cbd

Kenya announced that beginning February 1, 2019, the city of Nairobi will have two car free days every week. While many people got this news as a surprise, the policy was mooted six months ago and the grace period is now over. The proposed days are Wednesday and Saturday. The