Champions League bet prediction Wednesday

Which teams are you betting on this Wednesday? Football has become rather interesting. And bet options have really increased, of course depending on the country you are in. Did you now that betting on most platforms is not limited to just winning, number of goals, or who to score among the more popular options? While some people have made betting a full time job, we do not recommend since all options available really require deep analysis which takes a lot of time.

Some matches have over 100 options for placing bets, including absurd gambles like the minute you think a player would score, which player would be the first to score in a match, which player would be sent off etc. You can even bet on which manager would next on the chopping board. Well, Napoli seems to have decided that a Champions League round of 16 is not good enough to keep Carlo Ancelotti.

While we plan to introduce deeper analytical betting tips on several options, we do not hesitate to give you the quick tips which are easier to place. Our money yesterday was on Chelsea, Benfica, Barcelona, and of course Liverpool, with Leeds United being our pick from outside the League.

Today, here are our 254 bet predictions:

Dinamo Zagreb vs Manchester City – over 2.5 goals

Bayer Leverkusen vs Juventus – either side wins

Paris St Germain vs Galatasaray – win for the home side

Bayern Munich vs Tottenham Hotspur – GG, both teams to score.

Now, we recommend as usual to not keep all your eggs in one basket if you are a multibet enthusiast. Our bets however are usually always correct as you can see here.

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Author: Moshek Africa

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