Delivery app Glovo open for business in Mombasa

Delivery app Glovo open for business in Mombasa

Delivery app Glovo seems to be doing well in the Kenyan market given its ability to attract more venture investment and expand to other towns. If you have ordered anything online in Kenya, you would understand why trustworthy delivery is a big deal. Especially when it comes to perishables such as groceries, drinks and food.

To say the least, you would have a better chance of being happy in the afternoon if you ordered food via Glovo than these other apps that have actually been in the market longer. And you don’t want your food to arrive appearing as if the rider picked some pieces of your meat. Glovo prices are ridiculously low too.

When it launched in Nairobi, it had delivery prices of as low as KES 50. Most courier services charge at least KES 250. And this came with good reviews from users. Mombasa should therefore be game.

The app had already raised KES 17 billion in a series D funding in May 2019 for its operations in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Ghana. That’s quite some good money.

Glovo Kenya General Manager William Benthall is confident that the Mombasa venture is a good start in the expansion strategy that intends to cover all Kenyan towns.

Most of the big business partnering with Glovo such as Naivas Supermarket, Java House, Chicken Inn among others already have footprints in most of the major towns including Mombasa.

“We are continually onboarding more partners so as to serve our customers better and offer the best delivery services in the country,” says Benthall.

Author: Moshek Africa

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