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Eric Omondi comedian profile

Eric Omondi is a Kenyan comedian and MC. He is also the CEO of Big Tyme Entertainment. He was voted as the Best Comedian Africa African Entertainment Awards 2018. He is among the pioneers of YouTube entertainment content creators in Kenya.

Eric Omondi education and age

Comedian Eric Omondi is one of Kenya’s best stand-up comedians and was born in March 9, 1982. He attended Daystar University where he attained a first degree in Communications. It is while here that he started honing his skills as a standup comedian and entertainer.

Eric Omondi breakout onto the big entertainment stage

The rib-cracker that he was, Eric Omondi had probably made up his mind to pursue stand-up comedy instead of utilising his expensive degree. Yes, Daystar is a private university and very expensive. So, one day in December 2008 he attended a Nyama Choma festival that would be a precursor to the famous Storymoja Literary Festival. It is at this meat eating festival that he got a chance to perform an amusing rendition of the story In the Land of The Kitchen. The story is based on a children’s storybook by the same name written by playwright Oluoch Madiang.

By this time, the Churchill Show, Kenya’s biggest laugh industry production was a regular on NTV. The show’s main man Daniel Ndambuki — a product of the Redykyullas entertainment crew year’s earlier — gave chance to upcoming comedians to spice up his show. That’s how Eric Omondi found himself on the big stage.

His antics made Eric the second most important rib-cracker on the show. This meant his slots took more time, and he indeed wowed Kenyans.

DID YOU KNOW: Before getting onto the comedy stage, Eric had a chance to prove his prowess in News Anchoring at NTV? Well, that didn’t go well because his career as a reporter lasted only two weeks.

“They kicked me out after just one story. I was told I wasn’t good enough and I felt very bad,’ he Eric said.

Why Eric Omondi left the Churchill Show

Eric Omondi left the Churchill Show after three seasons. Churchill Show has been East Africa’s most watched programme in the past ten years. Omondi starred on it between 2013 when it returned to the screens for the second time till around the end of 2015 when he left to build his own brand.

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During his time, more upcoming comedians started stealing the limelight on the show. People also thought Eric had run out of creativity.

“Churchill nurtured me but it got to a point when he had so many budding comedians in the show. I felt like a 42-year-old who lives with their mother. I also felt like I was eating up the space of young upcoming artistes,” Eric said in an interview with TV personality Larry Madowo.

So, he left and started his own TV show on rival KTN. He called his new show Hawayuni, in resonance to his trademark stage greeting. The show unfortunately flopped and it had to fold up.

During all this time on TV, Eric hosted many events both at the national and international level. He claimed that in 2016 he travelled to 11 countries and held shows in 19 cities. He also had a short-lived show on a Tanzanian TV station, an opportunity he attributes to Bongo star Diamond Platinumz.

Diamond invited him to host an all-white party for his then wife Zari which saw over 10,000 people attending. The Zari All White Party was later cancelled by the Tanzanian government.

Eric Omondi controversies

Eric Omondi is no stranger to controversy. It is probably one of the things that keeps his name in the limelight. He is the foremost defender of the Churchill brand which some accused of not paying its comedians. Some comedians from the show have committed suicide.

“He never paid me, but I didn’t want the money. However by the time I was half-season, I was making millions,” Eric said about the Daniel Ndambuki who owns Churchill brand. “I’m actually the one who is supposed to pay Churchill because he put me where I am today, not the other way round.”

Eric provoked mixed reactions when he accused fellow comedians of living a high life beyond their means. He also said they were not using their talents to open avenues for themselves in the new media era.

wife material season 1 pic
Wife Material Season 1 cast

The comedian is a Manchester United fan and has made videos poking fun at the club’s recent poor form. Some videos have also targeted Manchester United’s erstwhile opponents Arsenal.

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Omondi has also been on the wong side of the Kenya Film Classification Board because of his YouTube wife material show. The then KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua accused Eric of spreading immorality with his show that was full of scantily clad women, and acts of sexual innuendos.

Dr Mutua went ahead to ban the show and asked YouTube to take it offline. Eric hit back at the ‘moral prefect’ asking him to mind his own business. YouTube did not react, even though police arrested Eric but later released him without any charges.

Eric has also had a mix of controversies in his relationships with various women, some of whom were part of the Wife Material cast.

Recently, the self-proclaimed president of Comedy Africa was arrested while protesting at Parliament buildings in Nairobi. He held another one-man protest locking himself in a cage and threatened to go on hunger strike unless Members of the National Assembly (MNAs) passed a bill that required Kenyan broadcasters to air 75% local content and improve pay for local artists.

eric omondi in a cage
Eric Omondi in a cage during a protest at Parliament Buildings Nairobi

Eric Omondi love life

Interested in Eric Omondi wife? The comedian has never really married in the real sense of the word. He hyped his controversial show Wife Material claiming the winner would be his wife. He has dated several women, siring kids with some.

He once had an Italian fiancée Chantal Grazioli whom Eric praised for her amazing cooking skills. “She loves cooking. I have eaten things that I have never eaten before,” Omondi said.

Eric Omondi also has a son with beleaguered former TV personality Jackie Maribe. The two hooked up for a short while in 2012 when they met at a Radio Africa Group staff party where they both worked then – what happened later is history as they say.

Eric Omondi and Jackie Maribe with their son. Image/Courtesy

Omondi caused a stir on social media in November 2021 when he claimed that Maribe refused a DNA test on their son. He claimed to have pursued the test issue for seven years. He even went ahead to allege that Maribe’s son was sired by media personality Sam Ogina.

Jackie accused Eric of being a deadbeat father who neither knew where his son lived nor how his school fees was paid.

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Soon after the altercations on social media, Eric posted pictures of him, Maribe and their son together on Instagram. They were on vacation at the Maasai Mara. What should you believe about Eric Omondi??

Wife Material winner Monicah Ayen who was supposedly Eric’s wife in 2021 ‘dumped’ him after the comedian stoked rumours of him dating singer Miss P and impregnating her.

“I’m disappointed with the fact that he knew I was patient and took advantage of that. It is the fact that I supported him even if he was wrong. He brought me all the way from my country to make me feel like I have to fight my way through his heart,” said the model from South Sudan.

Miss P dumped Eric later on after the comedian got involved with politician Jimmi Wanjigi’s campaign. There hasn’t been word about the rumoured pregnancy of the singer yet.

Eric Omondi net worth

It is evident Eric Omondi is one of the most successful stand-up comedians in Kenya. He has hosted numerous local and international shows for which he charges top dollar. He is also the owner of Big Tyme Entertainment which produces his shows including Wife Material.

The rib-cracker has a huge following on social media and YouTube where he does lucrative endorsements and gets gigs with big moneyed artistes. Almost each of his frequent posts has promotional content.

Wealthy politician Jimmi Wanjigi gave Eric a Chrysler Crossfire recently.

eric omondi chrysler
Eric Omond and Businessman cum politician Jimmi Wanjigi

It is difficult to ascertain whether Eric Omondi owns or rents in the posh Karen Estate. The comedian once claimed to own a multimillion-shilling house only to say it was a ploy to pull attention to his Wife Material show. But he jokes that he can feed some of the more successful musicians such as Sauti Sol.