Appreciate your bed – Arteta tells Aubameyang

Appreciate your bed – Arteta tells Aubameyang

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta reminded his team captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang about appreciating the things you have.

“Take it as an experience. I’m sure for many months or years you haven’t slept on the floor, take it from there and just make sure when you’re in your bed, you know how good it is, how comfortable is it and how lucky you are”, Arteta said.

Aubameyang and his Gabon national teammates were photographed sleeping on the floor at a Banjul airport on the night before their match against Gambia. They were scheduled to play the hosts in an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier on November 16.

The Gambia went on to win the match 2 – 1 even as Gabon protested about the mistreatment. The hosts however blamed Gabon for refusing their players to be tested for COVID-19 as per FIFA and CAF rules, while Aubameyang directed his blame to CAF in a tweet.

Arteta expressed his shock at what happened but ruled out the possibility of Arsenal refusing to release the striker for international duty in future. “Sometimes unpredictable things happen and it was an experience,” he told Arsenal TV. “I hope that the next time it doesn’t happen and that our players have the rest that they need.”

Well, Arsenal won’t be ready to lie in a comfy bed during the EPL though.