Champions League 254 prediction Tuesday featuring Manchester United, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG

Cristiano Ronaldo will be going for goals tonight while Lionel Messi will be resting as the Champions League comes full cycle tonight. Both Paris St Germain and Manchester United will be at home as the contest for group leadership narrows down.

What are your predictions? Here are our 254 predictions for tonight:

Rennes vs Chelsea – Over 1.5 goals

Dynamo Kyiv vs Barcelona – Over 1.5 goals

Juventus vs Ferencvaros – Over 2.5 goals, home team wins

Borussia Dortmund vs Club Brugge – Over 2.5 goals, home team wins

Manchester United vs Istanbul Basaksehir – home team scores first half goal

PSG vs Leipzig – 1 or 2

As usual, we are here to have fun and see how our predictions go. If you have been following our past takes, this should be an interesting night. Cheers.