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Glovo Kenya reviews

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Honest Glovo Kenya reviews by users. Glovo Kenya is a subsidiary of Glovo app, a Spanish start-up launched in 2015. Its headquarter is in Barcelona, a tech leading city. It has over 10,000 employees.

How the Glovo delivery app works

Glovo is a delivery app that enables you to shop and complete purchases. The app then delivers your shopping to your door making online shopping efficient. It connects merchants to consumers without the two parties meeting.

This is an on demand app that works just like taxi hailing apps.

Positive Glovo reviews

Glovo Kenya reviews were raving when it launched in Nairobi , ridiculously charging KES 50 – KES 100 for door deliveries within the city. This was way below the KES 250 – KES 350 traditional courier services charged.

The Glovo app delivers both edible products, ie foods, drinks, as well as other normal courier services. Traditional courier services do not deliver foods and drinks and some do not deliver breakables.

The positive side of the delivery app is that a user can order for anything at any time. Customers sometimes enjoy free delivery offers. The most popular product on the app is Glovo Foods.

Negative reviews

Food delivery is a challenging business and has been the main challenge for most delivery apps, including this one. Glovo Kenya reviews show sometimes food delays, or the food is low quality. Sometimes it’s either burnt or less than the quantity requested.

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Customers also complain of orders being pushed probably because the restaurant wasn’t ready, and it becomes worse since one cannot cancel an order in progress.

The inability of the app to save items during shopping, so that in case of an interruption one can continue, annoys users. One always has to start afresh.

While the app is working to improve, customer care hasn’t been the best according to reviews. Especially when one is unhappy with orders. Glovo Kenya has a 4.4 stars rating on Google Play.

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