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Governor Sang house a display of the opulence of politicians

Recently, Kenyans on social media had a glimpse of Nandi Governor Stephen Sang humongous house and many were left with their mouths agape. It is not rare to see politicians living in such opulence this sides of the world, but probably some are going overboard.

The house and the surrounding finishing is said to have cost anywhere between KES 80 million – KES 100 million (USD 879,365.)  

The first-time governor completed the house in 2018, just a year after his election. He served as the Senator for the same county between 2013 – 2017.

You may probably ask, how old is he? He might have been investing for quite a while. Well, Stephen Sang age will surprise you. He is just 37 years old! Is it any wonder that MPs, lecturers, Senators, musicians, socialites and every other Tom, Dick and Karen want to be Governor in the coming August 2022 elections?

Politics is where money is made in Kenya. The display of its opulence to mesmerize the polloi is usually a huge factor and many politicians are now even holding rallies at their own homes to showcase their wealth. And Kenyans seem to resigned to this fate.

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Stephen Sang (standing centre) meets residents at his palatial Chepketemon home, Aldai constituency.

Most politicians also own more than two homes. You will find one has an expensive home in the constituency they are supposed to represent, another home in an upmarket leafy suburb of Nairobi such as Karen or Runda, and another at the beach front on the Kenyan coast.

Long serving Kenyan trade unionist Francis Atwoli is never shy to boast about meeting dignitaries at any of his homes at Bofa at the coast, Ildamat in Kajiado or the Khwisero palatial homestead. While others like Evans Kidero will always downplay their wealth status.