HELB loan appeal

HELB loan is only for deserving students who are unable to fund their university education. The information you provide on the HELB loan application form will either make you get the loan or miss out. As much as accuracy and truthfulness is a major factor, your ability to show that you are a needy case is even more important.

Factors that lead to your HELB loan application being rejected

  1. Submitting an incomplete form
  2. Providing false or inconsistent information during the application
  3. Your correct information shows you are not needy enough
  4. Listing untrustworthy guarantors
  5. Your subsequent application information changing over time

There may be other reasons why your loan application may be rejected, but HELB may not give them to you. However, whether you are a first-time applicant or you are doing subsequent applications, you have the opportunity to appeal in case you are rejected at first. Some appeals are considered while others are rejected completely.

How to appeal HELB loan rejection

Appeals are only opened and accepted during specific times in a year. You cannot send an appeal before they are opened. So always check on your HELB student portal to see if the Appeals button is present.

  1. Login to the student portal
  2. Click on the Appeal tab
  3. Correctly fill the HELB loan appeal form and download it for print
  4. Sign the printed form and submit to any Huduma Centre HELB help desk near you. You can also take it directly to Anniversary Towers or give to your student leader who is in charge of Academic programmes to submit for you.
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Appeals are usually processed quickly so you should be able to know your fate in a very short time. If you are lucky, you may be given all or a portion of the amount you applied for. If you are unlucky, you won’t get anything.

Remember that you may fail to get a HELB loan in your first year and succeed in your second or third year, or you may get it in your first year and fail in subsequent years.