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How does Coop Bank Paybill Number 400222 work?

new mpesa paybill number 400222

If you are a Cooperative Bank customer, you must have come across the new Coop Bank Paybill Number 400222 and felt confused. In essence, the bank now has two MPESA paybill numbers. The other is 400200 which you can read about here. So, what is the difference between the two?

Coop Bank Paybill number 400222

This paybill number is targeted for businesses and organisations which receive payments via m-pesa, for example schools, landlords and real estate companies that receive money from tenants, suppliers, etc.

The business or organisation has to apply for a free code in order to benefit from this paybill number. The code is called MCollection Business Code:

  1. The code is linked to your account as well as your phone number.
  2. Share the code with your customers or tenants.

Your customers will go to Lipa Na Mpesa, PayBill option:

Instant SMS for every deposit made to the account helps you reconcile accounts. You won’t have to call or text people asking for deposit confirmation as happens with 400200.

How to apply for the Coop Bank Paybill 400222 code

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