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How new Google Maps tool will help you stay safe during taxi rides

Anyone who uses taxi hailing apps must have experienced a dodgy driver who inflated fare at one time or the other by using a longer route. Or you must have felt unsafe because of the particular route taken by your driver. Google Maps is testing a new tool in India that will put an end to all this.

This is how the new Google Maps tool for taxi riding will work:

  • When you hail a taxi, you open the Google Maps function and select your desired journey.
  • You then selected the ‘Stay Safer’ option.
  • You will then be invited to activate ‘Off-Route Alerts’. This option will alert you in case the driver deviates from your selected route. The alert is activated at about 500 metres when the driver takes a longer route or a route that you do not desire.
  • At this stage it prompts you to quiz the driver and ask for them to return to the correct route.

The tool which is in the trial phase may become handy when successfully rolled out. Most night travellers would feel secure and it would also deter drivers from overcharging by using an undesignated longer route. However, it is not clear whether the tool will give an option of reporting driver directly to their company.

This is among features that Google Maps is developing or has already added to its app. In some countries, Google Maps contains a commute feature that offers live updates and alternative routes to commuters who may be travelling during periods of heavy traffic. It also has a speed camera feature which notifies drivers when a speed camera is nearby, as well as required speed limits.  

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Photo credit: XDA Developers