How to block or remove WiFi connections on your Faiba 4G MiFi

Faiba 4G MiFi is a popular modem in Kenya today. Many times you find yourself sharing MiFi WiFi passwords with friends, neighbours and colleagues for specific reasons. Afterwards, your neighbour’s phone or computer keeps on automatically connecting to your WiFi whenever you switch it on, and you have no guts to tell them to disconnect. There is an easy way to block or remove Faiba 4G MiFi connections.

So, how can you disconnect them without them noticing? The following are 7 simple steps that work on any Huawei MiFi from any telcom.

  1. Open the Faiba MiFi dashboard

To access the dashboard, simply enter your server IP. If you do not know your server IP, hover your pointer at the WiFi connection icon that is usually located at the lower right hand side of the computer screen. Right click on it and select Open Network and Internet Settings. You will see the screen below.

If you do not see the screen display exactly as it is, click on Status. (See left upper side on above screen).

2. Click on Properties as shown.

Block connections on WiFi

3. Scroll down until you see IP Settings. Copy the IPv4 DNS servers number. Paste it into your web browser and search. (you should be connected to the internet). You should now be able to see your Faiba MiFi dashboard.

4. Select settings on your MiFi dashboard. You will be asked to log in. Log in using admin as the username and your WiFi password as the password.

Faiba MiFi connections block

5. Once you have logged in and expanded the Settings window, click on Security.

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Remove unwanted connections from my WiFi

6. Select Device Management and expand it.

How to block MiFi connections

7. You will be led to a screen like the one below. You can now see the devices connected to your WiFi. Select the device you want plus the action, whether it is blocking or blacklisting. Cheers!

block MiFi connections

How to block or remove connections on your Faiba 4G MiFi using your phone

Now imagine that you have a MiFi which you only use on your phone, and you do not have a computer for the above process? What do you do? It is just as easy as abcd. Follow the process below:

  1. Go to Settings in your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the Wi-Fi icon. This should bring you a list of available networks and the network you are connected on. You should be online to complete this task.
  3. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner to show more options. You will see options such as Add Network, Saved Networks, Refresh, Advanced.
  4. Tap on Advanced. This will bring you various options. At the very bottom of all the options, you should see things like MAC Address, IPv4 Address, IPv6 Address. Write down the IPv4 Address (something like
  5. Now open the browser you use on your smartphone. Enter the IPv4 Address you wrote down. This should bring you the MiFi dashboard. You will now follow the process described above to remove any connections you do not want.
  6. There are instances where the webpage is not found. Do not fret. If the IPv4 Address was something like, just delete the last two digits so that you remain with then try again. Voila!