How to clear NHIF arrears fast and easy

NHIF usually charges a fine of half of your monthly contributions if you do not submit on time. Self employed people pay KES 500 monthly premiums, and get fined KES 250 for every month you fail. If your account is not up to date, NHIF may refuse to settle your bill. We give you tips on how to clear NHIF arrears easily:

6 simple steps to clear NHIF arrears

  1. Go to your MPESA Menu
  2. Select the Paybill option under Lipa na MPESA
  3. Enter the NHIF Paybill number 200222
  4. Enter your ID Number as the Account Number and add y. For example, 12345678y
  5. Enter the amount you want to pay for the penalty. You should pay the whole penalty.
  6. Press send and wait for confirmation

The y shows that the amount paid is for covering the penalty. Make sure you pay the fine separately from your monthly contributions.

To avoid NHIF penalty pay your premiums by the 9th day of every month.

You can also download the NHIF App or use the NHIF USSD code *155# to access all these functions.

Did you know …

That you can avoid paying penalties by just making one bulk payment? Instead of paying KES 500pm, you can just do a 500 x 12 = 6,000

You pay NHIF using MPESA once and forget about the penalties.

If you are unable to pay all the KES 6,000 at once, you can instead paying a few months ahead. For instance, you pay KES 1500 to cover three months. Be wise.