How to deposit money from MPESA to Coop Bank account

You do not have to be a Coop Bank customer to deposit money in an account in the bank. What you need is the Coop Bank Paybill number 400200, the account number you want to deposit to, and an MPESA account on your phone. This is how you can deposit money from MPESA to a Cooperative Bank account

To deposit money:

  1. Go to MPESA menu
  2. Select Lipa na MPESA
  3. Go to Pay Bill
  4. Select Enter business no
  5. Enter 400200 and press OK
  6. Select Account no
  7. Enter the 14 digit Coop Bank account number you want to deposit the money to
  8. Enter Amount
  9. Enter your MPESA PIN
  10. Confirm deposit

The MPESA to Coop Bank account deposit does not verify the name of the account before you complete the transaction. You should therefore make sure that the Account number is correct before completing the transaction. After a few seconds, you will receive two messages:

  1. message confirming MPESA transaction completion from Safaricom
  2. message confirming the Name of Account you just deposited to. In case this name does not correspond with the account you were depositing to, it means you made a mistake and should contact Safaricom or Coop Bank customer care for guidance.

Coop Bank Pay Bill charges

Cooperative Bank does not charge anything when you deposit using MPESA. However, in case of withdrawal from your account, you will be charged applicable MPESA rates.