How to make Valentine Day 2019 more about love than gifts

How to make Valentine Day 2019 more about love than gifts

February, the month of romance is with us again. Whichever legend you choose to believe about the origins of this celebration, they all narrow down to one thing – love. In the years past, it has been a tradition for lovers to buy each other gifts. Gifts are a sure way of reminding selves about what you mean to each other. But they are so expected that it does not turn out as a surprise to your beloved. You can make Valentine Day 2019 more about love than gifts. February 14 this year falls on a Thursday, which is a working day. Put your orders in early, probably on Monday to avoid a last-minute rush.

We have a few ideas on how you can accomplish this mission romantique:

The dress code

The man – is there a specific type of clothe you like to see on your woman? If you love the silky dress that hugs her lovely contours, let her know in advance how beautiful she would look in it. Women are fussy with clothes. It does not have to be red, but if you choose another colour make sure it can be complemented with a red scarf and shoes. Red or pink underwear is a must do for her.

The woman – some men can go out of their way to wear bright colours on this day, but very few feel comfortable. You can probably have a red tie that matches with his suit, or if he thinks that’s not him then probably go with shoes that have a tinge of red. Avoid black.

The flowers and the wine

The man – you will send her a nice bouquet of red flowers. Red, of course, is the colour of love and it shows rekindled flames. You can do a single blossomed well wrapped red rose flower. If you cannot find a red flower, you can do with a yellow rose flower. Make sure you attach a note to the flower with a simple message: I Love You XX/ For My Love XX/ My Beloved Valentine XX, or a customised simple one liner. Make sure the delivery is done in the morning hours to spur romantic feelings throughout the day.

The woman – do you and your man do wine? If you do, buy him his most beloved red wine bottle that you can share together afterwards. It doesn’t have to be expensive but you will surely hit his tender spot if you managed to get a better priced bottle for him on this day. If your man does not do wine, there are many types of soft drinks that are not alcoholic. Do your window shopping early and make sure you also order early enough. Make it something special, at least look at the shape and the colour of the bottle so that it is champagne style. It will make him feel good.

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The mid-morning phone call

Do not text. You probably have worked out each other’s schedule so you can place a call at the right time. Being the only Valentine Day 2019, excuse yourself and respond to the call of your love even for a minute. Get the ball rolling as you fall in love again.

The outing in the wild

Forget about the five-star hotel. Make it an outdoor romance, to a getaway place in the woods where there might be some animals or a river. Nature is a magician. The choice should be easy to access in the evening when you get out of work. To make you have even more fun if you would like, you can plan with friends on this getaway to just savour love in the wild as the stars shine on you. Remember it is not a bash, so when you get out there everyone should concentrate on their love.

Well, make sure you organize transportation early so that when it’s time to get home you are not inconvenienced. Your embraces should take you from the earthly woods to the heavenly garden where only you can reminisce.

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