How to pay NHIF penalty using MPESA

NHIF usually charges a fine of half of your monthly contributions if you do not submit on time. For self employed people who pay KES 500, you will be fined KES 250 if you fail to remit the contribution for any particular month. Having your account updated will remove all hurdles when using your card at your selected facilities. This is how to pay NHIF penalty using MPESA.

Make sure you pay the fine separately from your monthly contributions. Follow the same process as you would when doing your monthly contributions, but at the end of your ID number, add letter y. See example below:

  1. Go to your MPESA Menu
  2. Select the Paybill option under Lipa na MPESA
  3. Enter the NHIF Paybill number 200222
  4. Enter your ID Number as the Account Number and add y. For example, 12345678y
  5. Enter the amount you want to pay for the penalty. You should pay the whole penalty.
  6. Press send and wait for confirmation

This will help show that the amount paid is for covering the penalty. The penalty occurs when you fail to do you remittance by the 9th day of every month.

You can also download the NHIF App or use the NHIF USSD code *155# to access all these functions.

Did you know …

That you can pay for the whole of your yearly contribution to the NHIF with just a single bulk payment? If you are a self-employed person and therefore in the special group where you pay KES 500pm, then you can just do a 500 x 12 = 6,000

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You pay once and forget about the penalties.

If you are unable to pay all the KES 6,000 at once, you can be paying a few months ahead. For instance, you pay KES 1500 to cover three months. Be wise.  

Benefits of NHIF membership

The benefits of being a member are numerous. If you are employed in informal or formal sector, your employer is supposed to remit your NHIF contribution every month. If you are self-employed, you can register by yourself and remit your contribution by the 9th of every month. Self-employed people are required to remit KES 500.

Once registered, you have to contribute for at least 3 months for your card to be used at a hospital. Should you fail to remit your contribution for any month, you run into problems when trying to use your card. You are also fined for every month you fail to remit.

Once your card is active and ready for use, you can use it at any hospital that accepts NHIF. NHIF helps to settle all or part of your outpatient and inpatient bills. Before admission, always make sure you ask the hospital if they accept NHIF and how much NHIF pays for the treatment you are seeking. This way, you avoid situations where NHIF accepts to settle a very small part of your bill.