How to pay NHIF using MPESA

This article explains how to pay NHIF using MPESA. Nowadays you can find a NHIF office near you in most of the subcounty headquarters. You just need a copy of your national ID to register and get the NHIF number and card. You can also register online through the NHIF website.

Steps to pay NHIF usingMPESA.

The NHIF Paybill number is 200 222.

  1. Go to your MPESA Menu
  2. Select Lipa na MPESA
  3. Select the Paybill option
  4. Enter the NHIF Paybill number 200222
  5. Enter your ID Number as the Account Number
  6. Choose the amount you want to pay
  7. Press send and wait for confirmation

You can use the same method to pay NHIF for someone else, as long as you have their ID number.

Did you know you can pay your NHIF contribution for a full year in advance? For instance, if you paid KES 3000 today, your account will be updated for the next six months.

How to check NHIF account status using mobile phone

Check whether your NHIF account status is active using your mobile phone. You will be able to see your registered dependents.

  1. Compose a new SMS
  2. Type the letters “ID” followed by a space, then write your ID number (or passport number if applicable) e.g ID 12345678
  3. Send the SMS to 1550. This is the NHIF short code
  4. You will be charged service fee of KES 10
  5. Wait for NHIF to respond.

You can also download the NHIF App and log in using your ID. Another way is to use the NHIF USSD code *155# if you do not have a smartphone.

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End of 2018 data from Central Bank shows nine out of ten cashless payments to the government are done using a mobile phone. Today, you can actually pay for almost all government services using MPESA; including NSSF, business registration, passport application, etc.