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How to Sambaza Safaricom Internet

Someone reached out to us to ask how to sambaza internet. His problem was that the son mistakenly bought internet bundles via USSD, so he wanted to sambaza the bundles to an internet enabled phone. Well, that’s effed up. We could not help with his problem because you see these corporates use muscling ways to get your money for services that you may end up not using should you make such a mistake.

Is it possible to transfer Safaricom data bundles?

Yes, but you will be very mad with everyone at the end of the day. Now, before 2015, Safaricom used to allow people to share internet bundles in a generous way. You could buy bundles and transfer any amount from 5MB to friends or relatives. You could do such transfers as many times as you wanted to in a day. It was an easier way of saving money because the bigger your bundle package, the cheaper it was.

The Kenyans with a mercurial entrepreneurship spirit saw a business opportunity in this. They started buying big bundle packages like let’s say 50GB then resaling them in smaller bundles that people could afford. These were called ‘bundles mwitu‘. So instead of paying KES 1000 for a 1GB bundle directly from Safaricom, it was cheaper to buy the same bundle at half the price from bundles mwitu dealers.

Business was booming for the online entrepreneurs. For KES 100 you could get 300MB or more. Safaricom was not happy about this, because they were losing revenue. They cracked the whip and capped bundle transfers to between 5MB – 999MB. How about that? It seems this decision didn’t help them at all. So in 2015, they announced a more ‘punitive’ measure:

  1. The company capped Sambaza Internet to between 5MB – 20MB in a single day.
  2. You could only transfer up to 10MB per transaction
  3. That mean’t you were allowed only two transactions of Sambaza internet per day.
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The measure effectively put bundles mwitu merchants out of business, and also made it impossible for our reader up there to make amends in case of a purchasing mistake. If he is to transfer the 500MB the son bought, it would take him 25 days☹ to finish the transferring business.

Kenyans were up in arms via a Twitter revolution. Then Safaricom CEO the late Bob Collymore ignored the Sambaza limits issue and only addressed another issue about bundles expiring without an option for renewal, saying he had asked a team to look into the issue.

How to sambaza Safaricom internet

Well, now that we are here and you might want to sambaza some 10MB or 20MB to a friend or your other number, this is how you go about it:

  • Dial *544#
  • Scroll down and select 98:MORE
  • Scroll further down again and select 98:MORE
  • Select Option 17: Sambaza Internet
  • Enter the amount of bundle you want to sambaza. You can only put a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20.
  • Enter phone number you want to sambaza to.
  • Voila, press OK and wait for your tears to flow as you ponder about this incredulity.