How to save money on a destination wedding plan?

How to save money on a destination wedding plan?

If the usual procedure of registering a marriage does not inspire you, welcome to the world of a destination wedding, which allows each couple to have the most wonderful event in a special place! Now we’re going to tell you all about a destination wedding and ways to save money when planning it.

More and more couples choose to find love on the best online dating sites and host the most important event of their lives at a destination wedding ceremony. The main reason for it is the desire to make the wedding truly unusual, original, and memorable.

The destination wedding cost, the ceremony itself, and preparation for it can require a relatively small price. The modern wedding industry allows you to calmly solve all the complex issues of registering a marriage at any place and make the main event in your family life the happiest, most beautiful, and majestic.

In this article, we’ll show you how to save money on your destination wedding and make your event unforgettable.

How to save money on a destination wedding?

It is difficult to determine the cost of a destination wedding checklist with a single number. It all depends on your wishes:

•        The location. The destination wedding budget, like all its components, depends only on you. A remarkable example is the cost of renting a place for a ceremony. It can cost you nothing if you decide to hold a destination wedding outside the city in the woods on the lakeshore, up to a huge price for renting a luxury restaurant near your hometown. At the same time, it is cheaper to rent a cottage or a small hotel, with minimum access to a source of electricity, some musical equipment, and a kitchen.

•        The menu. What will you choose for dinner? What kind of drinks would you like to fill the glasses with? The version of the original lemonade is much more budget than champagne. It is not necessary to adhere to the traditions of a restaurant gala dinner. Nowadays, various themed snacks are gaining popularity, which will surprise your guests and help save a lot of money.

•        Decoration. It is the point that definitely needs a predetermined limit. Yes, there is no limit for flowers and decorations, but for creating a stylish, neat chandelier or garland, it is unnecessary to use tons of flowers and spend huge amounts of money. The idea of minimalistic designs in geometric shapes with a small number of flowers is a new trend. Take your time. Consider all options.

•        The selection of the ceremony master is equally important. Anyone you choose will bring fun to your celebration: it can be a professional master of ceremonies, a theater actor, or even a celebrity. However, choosing someone from your family and friends will bring you significant savings. Destination wedding ideas contain the absence of a professional artist, so your friend can handle this improvisation. The main thing is to discuss the scenario in advance.

Budget destination wedding abroad

Most often, when a couple in love asked where to hold the wedding ceremony, foreign countries are rejected because of the seemingly high cost. Today it is possible to have a sweet, pretty but budget wedding in charming locations abroad. In fact, the cost of such a destination wedding ceremony may be lower than a wedding in your home place!

Overseas weddings have many benefits – excellent weather, magnificent beaches, unique nature, and architecture. And if you consider the wedding tour, including the ceremony and the flight and accommodation, it will cost an average tour price. This is an excellent way to save money.

For 10 percent more, you can cover the ceremony area’s rental, a wedding coordinator’s services, and decorate the venue. Besides, the amount will be enough to prepare and legalize all documents as well as the bride’s bouquet and rings.

For the beauty of landscapes and buildings in different parts of the world, the destination wedding is your dream come true. However, you have to prepare in advance – hence save on tickets and hotel rooms for guests. If you choose the off-season, then a destination wedding will cost you even less.

Combine a destination wedding with a honeymoon

If your budget needs to be reduced, even more, consider options for the islands’ ceremonies. The average amount includes accommodation for a week and a flight for two. And, of course, the ceremony itself and the preparation of documents.

This kind of wedding is fun, great and suitable for youth. We can endlessly talk about the picturesque island landscapes, but it’s better to see it yourself. The photos from the ceremony will speak for themselves – you obviously won’t regret it.

You can perfectly combine a wedding ceremony with a honeymoon. When organizing a destination wedding, you will pay for the flight for two, a week for your couple’s stay at the hotel on an all-inclusive basis, and you will also receive a complete wedding package that includes everything you need, even the services of a photographer. Considering the expense of inviting guests, you end up spending less money than on the classic ceremony and honeymoon separately.


A destination wedding may scare you with the cost and complexity of the organization. Choose countries where wedding services are well developed, to make it easier for you and your agency. Using an agency saves time and nerves – it takes care of the complexities of paperwork and negotiations allowing you to concentrate on the wedding. We hope our tips will help you budget for this unforgettable event. We wish you love and happiness!