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How to save over KES 137000 using Whizz App by Housing Finance

There are many formulas of saving, and we have covered a few here such as the 52 week saving challenge by Safaricom. No matter which method you use, the idea here is discipline. It demands that you set your target, and work faithfully towards achieving it.

It usually seems hard at first, but when you get used to the idea, it occurs to you that you can actually do without the money you are saving at that particular moment. The Housing Finance Whizz App is one of the applications in the market designed to help one save.

The difference between the Whizz App formula and the Safaricom Mshwari 52 week challenge is just in the numbers. While the former disciplines you to save about KES 137,000 in a year, the latter enables you save KES 68,000 within the same period. It is up to you to choose which one works best with your budget.

Switch onto the saving mode and forget about loans for a while. See what difference KES 137,000 will make in your life after 52 weeks. And, you can always start now – don’t worry about the time that has already gone. Half the year isn’t a bad idea yet.

Below is the Whizz App saving chart by Housing Finance:

Whizz app 52 week saving chart
To download the chart, CLICK HERE.

How to save on Whizz App

  • Just like other apps, Whizz App is on Google Play Store and App Store on the iPhone.
  • Download the app into your phone
  • Open an Instant Account
  • Select Savings
  • Type in the duration you want to save
  • Type in the mount you want to save
  • Get started.