How to use coop bank code on your mobile phone

You can use your mobile phone to access your Cooperative Bank of Kenya accounts. You can deposit money, withdraw, and even send other people money from your account to their MPESA numbers. We give you some clues and how to go about them here:

Coop Bank USSD code

The Coop Bank USSD code is *667#

To use this code, you must have registered your number at your Cooperative Bank branch. Once you register your number, it is linked to one or more of your bank accounts. You are guided to set your own PIN which you will use every time you use the USSD code.

How to withdraw money from Coop Bank to your MPESA number

You can withdraw money from your Coop Bank account to your MPESA number. This is a charged service and rates depend on the amount of money you are withdrawing. Most of the times, the rates are the same as the Coop Kwa Jirani agent rates.

You will also be charged for using the USSD Code *667#. You should therefore have some credit, like KES 10 on your SIM card before using the code.

  • Press *667#
  • Enter your PIN
  • Select option 2: Send Money
  • Select option 2: MPesa
  • Select option 1: My Mobile Number

Send money from Coop Bank account to MPESA of another user

Use the same process as above. Only when you get to the last option, you select option 2: Other Mobile Numbers.

When you send MPESA money to another user, you are not charged anything. Make sure you have the correct number because there is no confirmation of who you are sending to during the process. You can only see who you have sent the money to after completing the process, as Cooperative Bank will return a message.

Coop Bank *667# code error solved

Are you having problems using the Coop Bank *667# code? There are a few reasons why the code can stop working:

  1. You do not have credit in your sim card. The USSD code uses credit, so you should have at least KES 5 – KES 10 to use it without disruption.
  2. You must have replaced your sim card. If you replace your sim card, your Coop Bank code will stop working. You must visit your bank branch and have your new sim card reactivated. This cannot be solved through a call to the Cooperative Customer Care number 0703 027 000.
  3. If none of the above two are the case, then you should visit your coop bank branch and have your problem solved.

Coop Bank customer care number

You can contact Cooperative Bank of Kenya through various means, such as on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, or phone CALL. The Cooperative Bank customer care phone numbers are: 020-2776000, 0703027000

  1. SMS: 16111.
  2. E-mail:
  3. Whatsapp: 0736 690 101.

The customer care numbers work 24/7