Huawei pushes foldable Mate X release to September

Huawei won’t be releasing the foldable Mate X anytime soon after all. The Chinese tech giant has pushed the launch date to September, according to reports by The Wall Street Journal.

The reports come in the wake of Huawei’s rival Samsung saying that it would be announcing the launch date for the Galaxy Fold ‘in the coming few weeks’. The Chinese phone maker seems to have run into similar problems as those experienced by the South Korean company.

The report by WSJ indicated that Huawei was delaying sales of the Mate X, in part, to improve the quality of the phone’s foldable screen. 

“We’re doing a lot of tests,” Vincent Peng, a senior vice president at Huawei, told the Journal during a tech conference in Hong Kong. Peng added that Huawei aimed to release the phone as soon as it can. Peng said the Mate X delay wasn’t due to the supply-chain issues.

Huawei was blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce and can no longer work with Google whose android platform is the mainstay of the phone company. Should the Mate X launch in September as announced, buyers would be interested to know in advance in what platform the phone runs and what features it supports.

Various vendors around the world, including Japan and the UK had pulled Huawei products from the sale shelves, including the Mate X, following the suspension of business between Huawei and several US suppliers including chipmakers Intel, Xilinx, Broadcom, and Qualcom.

The Mate X has a price tag of USD 2,600 while the Samsung Galaxy Fold is capped at USD 1,980.