Important Mozilla Firefox updates you need to know about

Did you just complete the Mozilla Firefox free download or usually use the browser on your computer or android phone? Well, the world’s third most popular browser just made some updates that you should be aware of. Below are some of the updates:

1. FTP disabled

First, the Firefox 90 update has completely disabled File Transfer Protocol (FTP) support. FTP is an old way of transferring data between computers on the same network. This means you will need a dedicated FTP browser to access remote servers in the future.

2. Full screen video playback bug fixed

The update has also fixed a bug in its Android browsers that hindered the playback of videos in full screen mode. This happened mainly on websites that use a desktop viewport. You can now enjoy watching your favourite videos in full screen without problems.

3. Hidden super cookies bug fixed

Mozilla also promises users that they will no longer be victims of super cookies which used to hide themselves even when you have cleared them. This meant that the cookies could continue tracking your activities online and bombard you with targeted ads in future.

4. Improved developer support

According to Mozilla, the browser is now more stable and additional support for developers that includes support for CSS classes and JavaScript improvements are included. This hence improves its PDF view capability as it now supports JavaScript embedded PDF files.

5. Easier screenshot access

You may also notice that the position of the Take a screenshot has changed. It was previously on the Page Actions menu in the address bar but is now a regular icon that can be added to the toolbar from the Customize menu.

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6. Smoother pinch-zooming for Linux users

If you are a Linux user under Wayland, Mozilla Firefox will now support smoother pinch-zooming using the computer’s trackpad.