Know all about NIIMS or the Huduma Number

Know all about NIIMS or the Huduma Number

The National Integrated Identity Management System ( NIIMS) or a Huduma number, is a number that will be used to access government services. According to CS Joe Mucheru, one needs to register using individuals’ biometrics, ie finger prints and photo. The Huduma Number/ Huduma Namba will capture the data of every Kenyan citizen and will be used to access any government service.

Where do I get a Huduma Number?

All citizens and foreigners will be required to register for a Huduma Number/Namba on the NIIMS portal, which is different from eCitizen. The NIIMS is a mass biometric registry under the national government which aims to create a digital database of all Kenyan citizens. The registration process will be done offline at sub chief’s and chief’s offices. You will register from where you reside.

What data does NIIMS store?

There have been reports that the NIIMS will collate personal identifiable data such as voice, ear and eye patterns, in addition to other information. The information includes land reference numbers and the house numbers where the individual stays. Others are race and tribe identifiers of where the individual was born, just like on the national ID cards.

Other information to be captured in the NIIMS is NSSF, NHIF and KRA details as well as the Certificate of Good Conduct info.

What do I need to register?

You will need the following documents and info for you to register in the NIIMS.

  • Digital photo (to be captured at the registration centre).
  • Birth certificate/ Driving license/ ID
  • Information on parents and guardians
  • Marital status
  • Disability
  • Level of education
  • Employment status
  • Ethnic group

The registration will be done using biometric kits. Once registered, one will be issued with a Huduma Number that can be used to access all government services.

When is the registration?

According to the PS for Interior and Immigration, Karanja Kibicho, the mass roll out of the registration is March 2019. Some 15 counties will however start the pilot registration process early.


“Kenyans have a load of documents to carry, a big collection of government cards that require similar data to register this information. We agreed to lump all this data into a single source only requiring a single card to register or identify a person,” Mr Kibicho said.


I’m a foreigner, what about me?

The Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2018 that President Uhuru signed to establish NIIMS aims to record both locals and foreigners. You will be required to register at NIIMS using your Alien ID or Passport.

*It is not clear whether all this info will be stored in a chip that will be in a card fitted with GPS hence ease of tracking of individuals as reported by some media. The government has also denied that DNA of persons will be collected during the exercise.

Mobile registration

The government intends to have mobile registration where officers will move from home to home in addition to mobile centres in shopping centres, institutions, prisons, hospitals.

Piloting phase

The piloting phase starts February 18, 2019 launched by Interior and Immigration PS Karanja Kibicho. The pilot phase will go on for 30 days where all residents of the counties listed below are required to register.

Huduma Namba pilot phase counties

Are there age restrictions?

So far, the information from the government indicates that anyone aged 6 years and above will be registered for the Huduma Namba.

UPDATE: 9/4/2019

Immigration PS Gordon Kihalangwa has now warned that those without a Huduma Namba will not be able to get Kenyan passports. That basically means you will be deemed a non-Kenyan citizen. The High Court, while okaying the rollout of the Huduma Namba, said that no Kenyan should be compelled to get one as it is not a mandatory requirement and no one should be denied public services for not being registered.

Can Huduma Namba be used as an ID? Huduma Namba is not a substitute for identification, according to the government. It will help you get an ID but is no substitute for an ID, neither can it be used in place of a birth certificate, driving licence, or any other government document.

The registration deadline for Huduma Namba or NIIMS is May 18, 2019.

Update: 16/5/2019

The government has made live the Huduma Namba website where you can now download the form, fill it and present it together with your identification documents to the registration clerk near you. This comes after allegations of fraud where clerks have been charging people up to KES 300 for the form. The form is supposed to be free of charge, according to the government. Click here to download Huduma Namba form.

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