Latest Samsung update locks users out of their Galaxy S10 devices

Latest Samsung update locks users out of their Galaxy S10 devices

It seems you have to be more careful when updating the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 Plus devices as users have reported of being locked out after such updates. In what appears to be a glitch that is yet to be addressed by the company, users in the US posted on the South Korean company’s support website that the latest software update locked them out.

“I updated my phone with the latest software update. When it restarted it asked me for a password to access my device even though I have never set up my phone with a password to access it—I’ve talked to Verizon and Google support and both recommend a factory reset,” said one user.

The problem with factory reset is that you will lose all your data. No other option seems to have be offered by the Samsung team with one of its ambassadors saying that they could help the user reboot into recovery mode so that they could factory reset the device.

Previously, in such circumstances, Samsung users would simply unlock a phone remotely by using the ‘find my mobile’ feature. But the company discontinued the feature thus now making it almost impossible to avoid the factory reset alternative.

Popular blog Android Headlines said that Samsung is yet to comment on the issue meaning it might not even be aware about it. So far there haven’t been reports from users in other countries. It is wise to remain vigilant though. If you have set your device on auto update, better disable it until Samsung addresses the issue. Otherwise, the alternative is to back up all your data before doing the software updates for Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. 

Author: Moshek Africa

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