List of hacked Kenyan government websites 2019

Hackers took control of several Kenyan government websites today June 3, 2019. The hackers are suspected to be form Indonesia and placed their images on the landing pages of the various platforms they had taken control of. A similar incident occured in 2012 when 103 government related websites were hacked into.

The websites are usually under the ICT authority, which said it had taken back control of the websites. The implications of the hacking are not known so far as the websites carry pertinent government and citizen information. One of the websites, IFMIS, is integral to the centralised financial workings of the government. Below are the websites we managed to identify as affected:

Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS)

IFMIS kenya hacked 2019

According to which is the official Ministry of Finance Kenya website, IFMIS ‘is an automated system that is used for public financial management. It interlinks planning, budgeting, expenditure management and control, accounting, audit and reporting. The IFMIS is designed to improve systems for financial data recording, tracking and information management.’

2. ICT Authority

ICT authority hacked 2019

The corporation was established in August 2013. The Authority is tasked with rationalising and streamlining the management of all Government of Kenya ICT functions. Among its work is enforcing ICT standards in Government and enhancing the supervision of its electronic communication. In short, it is in charge of government websites.

3. Directorate of National Cohesion and Values

hacked government websites Kenya National Cohesion

The National Cohesion and Integration Act established the National Cohesionand Integration Commission (NCIC) whose mandate is to: “facilitate and promote equality of opportunity, good relations, harmony and peaceful co-existence between persons of the different ethnic and racial communities of Kenya.

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Complete list of hacked websites in Kenya

Below is the complete list of all the websites that were hacked on June 03, 2019. However, the government took back control of the websites and most of them were working well by June 04, 2019.

complete list of hacked kenya government websites

The incident is likely to heighten the criticism of the government’s inability to guard against infiltration and misuse of its own data, as well as citizen data that is being integrated through the controversial Huduma Namba.