Moshek Africa bet prediction Tuesday

We are introducing a new section for our readers. Some of our readers of the sports section have requested if we could make it more fun by doing reviews and predictions. We have listened to you and yes, we shall be doing match predictions for those interested betting. This is purely for fun and if you hot it big and it becomes the sure bet kind of thing, then we would all be happy for you.

First things first: do not be obsessed with betting, it will in the most unlikely case win you something, but most likely drive you bankrupt. We therefore do not promise that what we put here is a road to pearly gates. Again, it is all for fun. You can also bet on your platform of choice.

So what are our selected bet predictions for tonight?

Switzerland vs Ireland bet prediction

Switzerland alongside Denmark are the two high scoring teams in Group D of the Euro qualifiers. They have scored 10 goals while Denmark have scored 16, however most of these goals came against lowly ranked Gibraltar. Ireland haven’t lost a game yet and sit pretty at the top with one more game than the Swiss. A spot the Swiss want so bad given they are playing at home and are a top ranked side in FIFA. They will be out for a win, and our prediction is that they will get it. A win for the home side by at least two goals. So you can select 1 or Over 1.5.

Gibraltar vs Georgia

Gibraltar have been improving over time and if match outcomes in the past few years are anything to go by, only a fool would totally count them out of contention. They have lost all their matches so far in this group and desperately need a point. They lost 0 – 3 when they visited Georgia. The outcome of the match will not be different from our prediction apart from the number of goals for either side. Our prediction is Over 2.5, and 1 or 2, as the match can go either way.

Sweden vs Spain

Spain and Sweden will be fighting for top honours for their group. They have scored plenty of goals and it will be no different in this match. Either a 2 – 2 draw which is riskier or Over 2.5 is our prediction pick.

Let’s see how our predictions pan out. Join the fun.

Author: Moshek Africa

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