Most common mistakes to avoid when purchasing travel insurance policy

by John Adams

So, finally, you have planned to go on vacation and got everything ready – your passport, ticket and emergency fund. But you forget to buy travel insurance, which can turn out to be a costly mistake. Anything can happen while you are traveling. You may need to cancel the flight, may lose your luggage, or can get injured. In case of these unhappy events, the good news is you are covered for the losses if insured.

While getting things done in a rush, many people make a few common mistakes when buying travel insurance and overlook important aspects of these policies. Listed here are some mistakes to avoid when buying travel insurance for your next holiday trip:

1. Excluding children on family travel policies

There are certain policies in which children under 2 are covered for free, but you must consider listing them when buying. If you have not listed anyone at the time of the purchase of the policy, it cannot cover that person. Although surprisingly common, it is an expensive mistake.

2. Skipping vaccination

Since you are going to another area, make sure you and your family are vaccinated against diseases such as malaria, yellow fever or typhoid. If you don’t get vaccinated, in addition to ruining your holiday by getting ill, you may find yourself paying for medical treatment.

3. Not considering what you are covered for

You must know what areas you are not covered for in your insurance policy. Most of the policies cover certain types of sports, for instance, kayaking, cycling or diving and leisure activities. If you are planning for hiking make sure your policy covers that, as well as skiing or snowboarding. If you are planning to try a new sport, prevent the occurrence of a costly personal injury by calling your insurer beforehand. Same is the case with altitude. You must confirm the altitude covered in your insurance policy so that you save yourself from paying a hefty amount of hospital bills.

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4. Forgetting the business converge

In the case of traveling with business equipment, you must make sure these equipment are insured. For instance, your laptop, iPhone and sound equipment. If you buy a policy that covers business insurance, you need not to worry much about this business equipment. But it is important to remember that standard insurance policies offer basic coverage, while in order to claim compensation for the full amount, you have to purchase a specialized business insurance policy.

5. Not explaining your pre medical conditions

If you have any preexisting medical conditions, you must tell your insurer at the time of purchase. If you don’t declare, you will not be covered for this medical condition. In case you fall ill, this will make you pay for the substantial medical bills. Chances become higher that you may miss a flight or change travel plans given the illness or hospital stay.

So, never hide your medical condition to save a few bucks on your travel insurance.

6. Don’t buy travel insurance at the last minute

A good travel insurance plan not only overs you during the travel, but it protects you from the events that stop you from traveling. For instance, accident, illness, and disruption in flight. If you have to cancel the travel plans, your insurance will pay for these damages.

Make sure you buy insurance as soon as you book the hotel and buy tickets.