Most googled words and phrases in Kenya 2019

Googling is the word associated with searching for words on the internet, because the world’s largest search engine has become an extension of any web user. The company recently released the most googled words on the internet across various countries. If you are a website owner, then this is priceless information for you. Internet trends 2019 were grouped by the search engine into various categories from general search to ‘how to’ searches in tech, ‘what is’ queries, trending news, local personality searches and trending movies and TV shows.

What were the most googled words and phrases in Kenya 2019?

The trending or most searched words on the internet 2019 are as below:

Most searched How To queries in Kenya 2019
  1. How to file returns using P9 form
  2. How to apply for a passport
  3. How to start a business
  4. How to make money
  5. How to drive a manual car
  6. How to be successful in life
  7. How to get a baby boy
  8. How to check CRB status
  9. How to check KCPE results 2019
  10. How to get pregnant
Most googled How To tech terms in Kenya 2019
  1. How to download videos from YouTube
  2. How to create a website
  3. How to take care of a phone
  4. How to hack wifi
  5. How to track a phone number
  6. How to convert pdf to word
  7. How to hack a phone
  8. How to track a lost phone
  9. How to create a YouTube channel
  10. How to pay parking in Nairobi
Most searched local people in Kenya 2019
  1. Bob Collymore
  2. Eliud Kipchoge
  3. John Demathew
  4. Joyce Laboso
  5. Ken Okoth
  6. Tob Cohen
  7. Mike Sonko
  8. Jonathan Moi
  9. Ivy Wangechi
  10. Esther Arunga
Most googled trending news in Kenya 2019
  1. Form One Selection 2020
  2. Huduma Number
  3. Likoni Ferry Tragedy
  4. BBI Report
  5. Ethiopian Air Crash
  6. KCPE Results 2019
  7. Kibra Elections
  8. Dusit Riverside Attack
  9. Eliud Kipchoge INEOS
  10. Census 2019
Most searched queries in Kenya 2019
  1. What is census
  2. What is huduma number
  3. What is xenophobia
  4. What is cancer
  5. What is INEOS
  6. What is housing census
  7. What is population census
  8. What is BBI
  9. What is aflatoxin
  10. What is happening in Sudan
Most googled movies and TV shows in Kenya 2019
  1. Bird Box
  2. Avengers Endgame
  3. Game of Thrones Season 8
  4. Money Heist Season 3
  5. When They See Us
  6. Sex and the City movie
  7. Captain Marvel
  8. Lion King
  9. Hobbs and Shaw
  10. Joker