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Mulamwah biography

Mulamwah is a Kenyan comedian whose real name is David Oyando. His stage name is Kendrick Mulamwah. He mainly uses social media to share his short productions, including YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram. Here is a short Mulamwah biography.

He is the CEO of Mulamwah Entertainment, his stable for producing videos. He also ran a music production unit before angrily shutting it down due to trolling on social media. He promised to revive the unit which had already signed up one singer.

Mulamwah wife and children

The comedian is not currently married but is dating. Mulamwah and Sonnie lived together for about three years between 2017 – 2020 before separating, and finally parting ways in 2021. They have a daughter who was one year old at the time of writing but her paternity is in dispute.

Why did Mulamwah and Sonnie break up

The breakup of Mulamwah and Sonnie is sauce for social media. They broke up after feuding over many things which they don’t shy away from sharing with the public. According to Mulamwah, Sonnie wanted an ‘expensive life’ which he was not ready to offer because he wanted to plan for the future.

Sonnie wanted to live life in the fast lane like other celebrity couples. But Mulamwah insisted on living in KES 9,000 house while saving to build his own mansion instead of renting.

Mulamwah also hinted at possible infidelity on the part of Sonnie. He severally talked about how he discovered her plan to abort their baby because she was probably not sure of the kid’s father. Sonnie has maintained that she was ‘sorry’ for everything that happened without expounding. Later, Mulamwah admitted that Sonnie actually cheated on him. He recently claimed on Twitter that the child is not his.

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Mulamwah age and education

Mulamwah was born in 1993 in Kakamega County. He joined St Anthony Boys High School Kitale where he did his KCSE and scored an A (equal to a distinction). He obtained a first degree in Nursing at the Moi University, Eldoret.

How did Mulamwah rise to fame?

Kendrick Mulamwah started his comedy stunts while at university. At one time he sold his phone to raise the KES 3,000 fare required to travel to Nairobi where the Churchill Show was doing auditions for upcoming comedians. He did not make the cut on the initial trials.

His failure to get onto Kenya’s and East Africa’s most watched TV show only inspired him to use the tools at his disposal. He recorded a comedy mimicking high school students’ antics and dispatched it using WhatsApp. The clip went viral and his Instagram soon gained attention.

Why did Mulamwah quit comedy?

Comedian Mulamwah is a dramatic chap, according to social media users who follow him. When not engaging in never ending social media wars, he would be shedding a tear at some mishappen. He once burnt his trademark screen shirt and swore to give up comedy for good because of cyberbullying.

Then KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua promised to financially support Mulamwah’s career as he was ‘one of those who were producing clean content’. He bashed those who said Mulamwah was giving the world dry jokes. The support however never came even after the comedian followed up. After some consultations with the who is who in the industry, he decided to make a comeback and has been at it ever since. Including his dramatic reactions.

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Mulamwah net worth

Mr Oyando aka Mulamwah confessed he earns some decent money from his comedy and has promoted various businesses on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. His YouTube and TikTok channels also earn him some cash. He is not a wleathy man though. Mulamwah and Sonnie had differences on hos to use the ‘little’ cash Mulamwah was earning, culminating in their split.

Feature photo/ Mulamwah (right) and a friend comedian - Instagram