National secondary schools in Kenya index or code

National schools in Kenya are the highest category of schools and only admit students who have scored highly during their Kenya Primary School Certificate examinations. The schools are grouped into four clusters. You can choose only one school in each cluster. The admissions board is responsible for assigning you the school from among your selections if you meet the cut off points. Below are the indexes or codes of national schools in Kenya in their respective clusters.

Cluster 1 national schools

SchoolCode / IndexType
Kenyatta High School Mwatate1100003Boys
Bura Girls High School1100004Girls
Mama Ngina Girls High School3100001Girls
Kenyatta High School Mwatate1100003Boys
Bura Girls High School1100004Girls
Mama Ngina Girls High School3100001Girls
Ribe Boys High School4100002Boys
Karima Girls High School7200009Girls
Kagumo High School8200007Boys
Muranga High School10200008Boys
Machakos Boys High School12300001Boys
Muthale Girls High School13300005Girls
Moi High School Mbiruri14300006Boys
Meru High School15300002Boys
Makueni Boys High School18300003Boys
Chogoria Girls High School19300004Girls
Pangani Girls High School20400006Girls
St Brigids Kiminini23500003Girls
St. Theresa’s Tartar Girls High School24500004Girls
Kapsabet Boys High School29500006Boys
Moi Girls Isinya31500011Girls
St Patricks Iten34500010Boys
Lugulu Girls High School36600002Girls
Friends School Kamusinga36600004Boys
Kakamega High School37600001Boys
Bunyore Girls High School38600003Girls
Kisii High School40700002Boys
Nyabururu Girls High School40700003Girls
Asumbi Girls High School41700004Girls
Maranda High School42700005Boys
Kanga High School44700006Boys
Garissa High School45800001Boys
Kipsigis Girls’ High School28500005Girls

Cluster 2 national schools index

SchoolCode / IndexType
Bahari Girls Secondary School1100003Girls
Hola Boys Secondary School 1100003Boys
Ngao Girls Secondary School 1100003Girls
Lamu Girls Secondary School 06100011Girls
Mpeketoni Secondary School 06100012Boys
Nyandarua High School 07200014Mixed
Kathiani Girls School 12300013Girls
Moyale Secondary School 16300014Boys
Garbatula High School 17300015Boys
Mbooni Girls 18300016Girls
Turkana Girls Secondary School21500021Girls
Kisima Girls High School 22500024Girls
Chewoyet High School 24500022Boys
Tenwek High School 25500023Boys
Kabianga High School 28500006Boys
St. Joseph’s Girls Chepterit 29500025Girls
Nanyuki High School 30500021Boys
Oloolaiser High School 31500026Boys
S.A Kolanya Girls Secondary School 35600008Girls
Sironga Girls High School 43700012Girls
Moi Nyabohanse High School 44700011Boys
Wajir High School 46800003Boys
Wajir Girls Secondary School 46800004Girls
Mandera Secondary School 47800005Boys
Moi Girls Secondary School 47800006Girls

Cluster 3 national schools index

SchoolCode / IndexType
Alliance High School 11200001  Boys
Alliance Girls High School 11200002Girls
Mangu High School 4100002Boys
Limuru Girls High School 11200004Girls
Loreto High School Limuru 11200005Girls
Maryhill Girls High School 11200006Girls
Lenana School 20400001Boys
Nairobi School 20400002Boys
The Kenya High School 20400003Girls
Starehe Boys Centre & School 20400004Boys
Moi Forces Academy Nairobi 20400008Boys
Moi Girls High School Eldoret 26500001Boys
Nakuru High School 27500002Boys
Moi Forces Academy Lanet 27500007Boys
Utumishi Boys Academy 27500008Boys
Nakuru Girls High School 27500009Boys
Maseno School 39700001Boys
Kenyatta High School Mwatate 1100003Boys

Cluster 4 national schools index

SchoolCode / IndexType
Kwale High School 02100005Boys
Matuga Girls High School02100006Boys
Shimo La Tewa School 03100007Boys
Bishop Gatimu Ngandu Girls High School 08200010Girls
Kabare Girls High School09200011Girls
Baricho High School 09200012Boys
Mugoiri Girls High School 10200013Girls
Kitui High 13300007Boys
Siakago Girls High School 14300011Boys
St. Mary’s Girls High School-Igoji 15300012Girls
Moi Girls High School Marsabit16300008Girls
Isiolo Girls High School 17300009Girls
Ikuu Boys High School 19300010Boys
Lodwar Boys High School 21500012Boys
Maralal High School 22500013Boys
St. Josephs Boys High School Kitale 23500014Boys
Kaplong Girls Secondary School25500019Girls
Njonjo Girls High School 30500020Girls
Ole Tipis Girls Secondary School32500015Boys
Kilgoris Boys Secondary School32500016Boys
Baringo Boys High School 33500018Boys
Moi Kapsowar Girls 34500017Girls
Butula Boys High School 35600007Boys
Chavakali High School 38600006Boys
Kisumu Girls High School 39700009Girls
Mbita High School 41700010Boys
Ngiya Girls High School 42700007Girls
Nyambaria High School 43700008Boys
Nep Girls High School 45800002Girls