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No more Mi as Xiaomi rebrands

xiaomi mix 4

Ask some people what their phone make is and they will respond with Mi. Yes, some have no idea that Mi is an extension label for Xiaomi, the world’s best selling smartphone maker in 2021. The Chinese company is now dropping the Mi from all its future smartphones and other electronic products.

So next time you come across a Xiaomi brand that does not have a Mi, do not fret – it’s not a fake. Earlier on Xiaomi had recreated its logo making the corners more rounded and the Mi more stylish. The first product without the Mi is the newly released Xiaomi Mix 4 that is yet to hit the Kenyan market.

Best selling phone in the world 2021

Xiaomi has weathered the storm and is now the best selling phone in the world in 2021.  That this achievement has come from a Chinese phone maker is no surprise. Before it hit problems with many governments on accusations of vulnerabilities for hacking in its system, another Chinese phone maker Huawei was the magical kid on the block and had already dethroned Samsung from the top. Then its fortunes hit south when it was accused of helping the Chinese government’s spying missions.

In 2020, Xiaomi was the sixth best selling brand in Africa according to Counterpoint Research. It’s slightly high price for midrange products has proven uncompetitive against market leaders Tecno and Infinix which are both products of Transsion, another Chinese manufacturer.

The best selling Xiaomi brands

These are the most popular Xiaomi brands that have fuelled its meteoric rise, to the disadvantage of Samsung:

Counterpoint Research cautions that Samsung may reclaim its place once the Covid-19 situation that has disrupted its production in Vietnam improves.

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