PDF not uploading to WordPress website library solved

Running a website comes with its own set of challenges, some of them minor and others critical. Some of the common website troubles involve content not appearing the way you want it to, images being modified by themes, and PDF upload problems. It is not uncommon to find someone saying PDF wont upload to my website.

PDF wont upload to website solution

Here are a few things to check out from our experiments.

  1. WordPress allows you to upload files up to a maximum of 32mb for a single file, be it an image or a PDF document. It is possible you are trying to upload a large file, try compressing it first so it is within the limits.
  2. Slow internet and server connection problems can hinder your PDF file from uploading. Check that you have a strong internet connection.
  3. If all the above are confirmed to be okay, this last one should serve you right. Have you tried uploading the PDF file, it shows it is uploading and when it finishes a message appears telling you about server problem? Then it asks you to check in the library to see if indeed the file was uploaded, but you find nothing? You do it again and get the same result. It is annoying and can make your brains go mad, right?

Well, some people recommend you check in the FTP files via cPanel and you will see the upload.  That sounds technical (though it isn’t). The problem is that even if the file is uploaded in the FTP files ten times, you will have problems linking to it in your article.

The solution is simple. Change your file name. We discovered that a file that has a mix of numbers and words usually creates a problem to upload. Especially if the numbers are followed with something that appears like a password, eg pw698765. Remove the whole of that part in the PDF file name. Now upload your file. Voila! Be happy again!