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Phone battery problems and how to fix them

Are you having issues with your phone battery? This article delves into common phone battery problems and solutions. Most of these problems affect old phones but newer smartphones can also give you a headache.

Smartphones are a great ‘asset’ to have as they have a myriad of advantages in the technologically advanced world. Phone makers are actually releasing newer advanced models faster than ever to just keep up with the needs of the market.

However, what happens when you buy a smartphone, any brand you love, but the battery sucks? Of course, the phone battery is one of the things people look for in reviews before buying a smartphone.

How to know if your battery is efficient

Well, most smartphone battery capacities today range between 3000mAh – 5000mAh. What does mAh mean? This is the acronym for Milliamp Hours, a unit for measuring electric power stored over time. So, the higher the Milliamp the stronger the battery.

Here is the thing. Electric devices are created in a way that they draw a certain amount of power from a battery. So a phone that draws 100 mAh of power from a 3000mAh can use that battery for 30 hours before it drains completely. In the same sense, a device that draws 200 mAh from the same battery will only have 15 hours!

That means, having a 5000mAh battery may not necessarily be beneficial over having a 3000mAh battery – it all depends on your device and how it consumes power.

What causes my phone battery to drain fast?

If you have used feature phones or what the Americans refer to as burners, then you must have noticed they can go for even 72 hours without recharge even when in use. So why do smartphone batteries drain so fast?

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1. Active background apps

This is the number one cause for smartphone batteries draining so quickly. The more apps your phone uses, the more times you will keep on recharging your phone in a day. This is worse if the apps are using internet.

The solution is to check what apps you do not use often and disable them or delete them. If you still have a number of important apps running, disable popups, notifications, or even auto-updates.

2. Extreme internet usage

This is related to the first point – internet is a huge power consumer. Want proof? Try sit out the internet on a day and just use your phone to receive or make calls and see the difference. Or, a simpler way to verify is to use the FM Radio app – after an hour, check your battery indicator. Now access the internet and surf for about 20 minutes. Check the battery indicator. See the difference? You can play the FM Radio for a whole day and the battery may not flinch, but surf some websites for half an hour and you will already be looking for a charger.

3. Poor battery charging habits

You must have heard someone complain, why does my battery drain so fast and then dies yet the indicator was at 30 percent? Yes, this happens a lot if you have poor phone charging habits. It has got nothing to do with the first two point, but everything to do with you. If you have the habit of charging your android phone battery before it completely drains, you are teaching your phone memory something. Let’s say you charge your phone every time it reaches 50 percent. In layman’s terms, the phone will learn that when the battery hits 50 percent, it needs to be recharged. So it will go off! This can happen even at 80 percent.

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The solution is to recharge your phone only after it drains completely, probably at 2 or 1 percent is safer. This way, you can still use your phone to check something or call even when it has 6 percent charge.

4. Using the wrong charger

Remember the times when each phone company had its own charger? Well, to reduce e-waste, phone companies reached an agreement way back in 2009 to produce universal chargers, and that has greatly helped. However, accessories such as chargers are usually produced by third parties and some of them do not reach the original’s standards.

That is why you may sometimes see your phone charging and the battery is full within 20 minutes, and then drains after 30 minutes, or shows that it is charging but doesn’t charge at all. Make sure you use the correct verified and standard chargers for your phone. Avoid borrowing or buying cheap USB charging cables which will create phone battery problems for you.

5. Expired battery

Yes, batteries expire after a period – maybe 3 or four years. If you love your phone and don’t want to buy a new one, simply replace the battery with a new one from a verified accessory distributor. Make sure you know your battery make serial number.

Can you replace a non-removable battery smartphone battery? Yes, you can. But it is better to use a professional who has all the tools to unscrew the phone, and you should have the replacement battery at hand.

6. Other causes of battery draining so fast

The other things that make your battery to drain so fast are all related to the internet, phone use, and age. They include:

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how to check battery usage apps check
  • Enabled location/GPS and maps
  • Wi-Fi on throughout
  • Leaving internet tabs open
  • Not updating your phone apps regularly
  • High resolution system settings such as contrast
  • Long sleep timeouts (just see from the picture above how much power the screen consumes)

How to check phone battery usage in android phones

You can easily check how your battery power is being used by your phone. Just Click on Settings > About Device > Battery > Battery Use

You will see the apps and their power consumption levels.

Phone battery problems fixes can be simple and cheap or harder and expensive depending on the type of problem.