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Safaricom Bonga points redeem cheat sheet

Safaricom bonga points are loyalty points given to subscribers of the telco for using its services. They are a kind of reward for loyal customers. Most big businesses such as supermarkets have similar rewards going by different names. You can then redeem these points when you want to, and this article is meant to show you how you can do so meaningfully.

How to register for Safaricom bonga points

It is very easy to register for Safaricom bonga points. Make sure you do because it is not automatic when you buy a new line.

You can dial the bonga points USSD code *126# and follow the prompts.

Or you can use the SIM toolkit.

Go to your SIM toolkit and follow the following prompts:

Safaricom+ > My Account > Bonga > Enroll

How to check bonga points

You can always check your bonga points anytime you want.

Safaricom+ > My Account > Bonga > Enquire

A message will be sent to you with the total number of bonga points you have gained over time. Remember, you are awarded a bonga point for every ten shillings you use on calls or SMS. You are also rewarded for using MPESA.

How to redeem Safaricom bonga points

To redeem your Bonga points, you can dial *126# or still use he toolkit. However, you should have checked to see the number of Bonga points you have and decided what you want to use it for. Different things require a certain number of Bonga points.

Safaricom+ > My Account > Bonga > Redeem

Uses of Safaricom Bonga points

There are many ways to turn your Bonga points into cash. Only that you will not receive liquid cash when you do, you can only spend them to buy a product or service. As at the year 2020, one Bonga point was being converted to 30 cents when buying non-Safaricom products.

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1. Buying airtime, data, SMS, MMS

Have you ever run short of airtime and you have nothing in your MPESA and there is no shop around to buy a top up card? There are only three options in such a situation: ask a friend to send you some airtime; use the loan option; use your Bonga points. It is up to you to choose, but you will realise the last option is the most affordable when you look at it critically.

You can also use your Bonga points to buy data, SMS, and MMS.

2. Shopping at Safaricom shops

You can buy phones with Bonga points. Safaricom shops usually have offers on their products such as selected brands of mobile phones. In such offers, you pay a portion of the price with liquid cash and the remainder with a certain number of Bonga points. You should have amassed thousands of Bonga points to be able to use this option.

For instance, you can buy a good smartphone using 10000 Bonga points.

3. Shopping at supermarkets and other Lipa na MPESA outlets

Supermarkets accept Bonga points as a payment method. You can use the Bonga points to pay for goods or services at any outlet that has a Lipa na MPESA till number. This can be at a the supermarket, the local shop or green grocer, at your kinyozi or water vendor. As long as they have a Lipa na MPESA or Pochi la Biashara number. Just dial *126# and select Lipa na Bonga then follow the prompts.

4. Paying utility bills

Apart from shopping, you can also use your Bonga to pay for utility bills such as buying tokens from Kenya Power.

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How to buy Tokens and pay electricity bills using Bonga points

  1. Dial *126# and select ‘Lipa na Bonga Points
  2. Select Pay Bill.
  3. Enter Business number 888888 for postpaid and 888880 for prepaid.
  4. Enter account/ meter number.
  5. Enter amount you want to pay.

5. Paying HELB loans

If you are a loanee, you can now repay your HELB loan using Bonga points. 50 Bonga points are equal to KES 10.

How and why to transfer Bonga points

Safaricom allows you to transfer between 1-100,000 Bonga Points per day to another Safaricom number. Some reasons for transferring Bonga points are:

  1. You want to amass Bonga points on a single phone number if you have more than one line. This makes it easy to have enough points on a single line for easy redeeming.
  2. You want to collect Bonga points from friends and relatives as their donation towards a project or for a particular purpose such as medical bill, a harambee for school fees, or any other need. So instead of people saying they have no money, give them the option of contributing Bonga points.

To transfer Bonga points from one number to another,

  1. Dial *126#
  2. Select 5: Transfer Bonga Points.
  3. Enter the recipient mobile number.
  4. Enter amount to transfer.
  5. Enter Bonga PIN.
  6. Click OK to confirm

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