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Safaricom USSD codes

This is a complete list of Safaricom USSD codes which help you access various self-care functionality. A USSD code is a quick code or feature code that enables you to communicate quickly with your mobile phone company. Sometimes telcos make the codes look similar for ease of use.

List of Safaricom USSD codes for various services

Safaricom USSD codeService
*456#Access all Safaricom services under this consolidated short code, for both prepaid and post paid customers. You can get PUK to unlock your SIM, Okoa jahazi, manage subscriptions for Safaricom Home Fibre, etc
*106#This code enables you check the number of mobile phone numbers registered under you ID at Safaricom. You can report an unknown number and cancel the reported number.
*544#Access various call, data and SMS plans. They include monthly plans, Lipa Mdogo, Okoa Data, YouTube, Buy Newspaper, SMS Bundles, Mobiplay games bundle, Education Bundle
*444#Enable you to access daily deals and discounts on talk time, data bundles, and SMS. You can also buy talk time and data bundle gifts for friends at discounted prices.
*126#This is the Bonga Points USSD code. You can enroll for Bonga, check Bonga points, deals, redeem, Lipa na Bonga points,  or transfer Bonga Points.
*100#This is the USSD code for self service at the Safaricom Customer Care centre. You can check MPESA and do reversals, check your account and the services or subscriptions you are registered on, and do SIM card queries without calling the customer agent. It is used for Pre Pay customers.
*200#This USSD code plays a similar role as the *100# one, but it is available for Post Pay customers.
*144#This is the USSD code for checking your airtime balance.
*141*This is the code for topping up airtime to your number using a prepaid card. You put the unique codes after the star and a # at the end.
*445#Request for Safaricom internet settings, upgrade your SIM to 4G or 5G
*400#USSD code to access Safaricom Home Internet menu, check whether your area is covered and manage Fibre Home subscriptions.
*234#USSD code for M-PESA merchant services to access Business Till and other services. You can also access M-PESA services such as Fuliza na M-Pesa, M-PESA Global payment services, M-PESA Promos, M-Pesa statement and Next of Kin details among others.
*131#USSD short code for Okoa Jahazi services for airtime loans.
*331*0000#Activate Call barring for international calls.
#331*0000#DeActivate Call barring for international calls.
*33*0000#Activate outgoing call barring.
#33*0000#DeActivate outgoing call barring.
*332*0000#Bar all incoming calls except calls from home country
#332*0000#Deactivate all incoming calls except home country calls
*35*0000#Activate call barring for incoming calls
#35*0000#Deactivate call barring for incoming calls
#330*0000#Deactivate all types of calls and SMS barring

Things you need to understand about USSD codes

  • Some codes are owned by Safaricom while others are registered to third parties. Examples of third party USSD codes include those for specific ring back tones, registration to services offered by third parties such as banks and gaming companies, etc.
  • Charges may apply for using some USSD codes, especially those registered to third parties. Verify before using them.