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Attitude is Everything is a motivational book targeting young people especially students. It is designed to encourage and help young people discover their potential in all circumstances without sounding evangelical.

Author – Rose Katupa-Mwangi

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This is Me series is a project by the Special Education Programme which seeks to write stories featuring children characters living with disabilities. It includes This is Me Gloria I have Down Syndrome, This is Me Peter I Have Cerebral Palsy, and This is Me Samuel I Have Autism. The stories seek to make children readers to understand and appreciate disability at an early age.

Author – SEP KENYA


Books for Chidlren with disability


Fumo’s Hadithis is a series of African folktales that take us into the oral tradition of the continent. In this story, Nduru the Squirrel finds himself cornered by a hungry Chui the Leopard who also happens to be king. Nduru has to devise a way to survive while Chui has to ensure he feeds. This is a tale from the slopes of Mt Kenya.

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It is a normal day at Kadiche High School until Maggie reveals to his friend Fauziah that she was pregnant. Surprisingly, she is not sure of the person responsible. The revelation brings back hallucinations that Fauziah has been trying to suppress for years, following a nasty encounter with a stranger in the Forest when they were children. The actions that follow threaten to tear the lives of the two girls apart. While Maggie ponders over what to do with the pregnancy, Fauziah struggles to battle her own demons of claustrophobia. Secrets abound between them and form an unseen wall that threatens to tear not only the lives of the two girls apart, but those of a whole school and a community.

Hillary Namunyu New Book